Supporting & Thanking Staff

Making a donation is a brilliant way to say ‘thank you’ and support our incredible NHS team. Whether they cared for you as a patient or looked after a loved one, we know that they have a positive impact every day and we want them to know what a difference it makes.

Health and wellbeing

We provide Items or experiences that improve the health, wellbeing and employee experience.

From little touches, like improving a staff room or kitchen so help breaks feels more restful to bigger things like our Workforce Wellbeing team who have supported hundred of staff to get personal health checks.

Reward and recognition

We find ways to say thank you and to show our appreciation to those staff that go above and beyond for our patients and their families.

Some people choose to donate to improve staff rest facilities for example buying a special coffee machine or items to make break rooms more restful.

Funding has also provided team activities to allow them to have fun and bond outside of a work environment.

Your donations also help fund our annual Staff Awards Evening where hundreds of staff receive awards for their care, compassion and commitment.

Research and Development

Your funding helps us to create new possibilities for future care.

We believe that the health and wellbeing of the people we serve and the services we provide can be significantly improved through supporting, enabling and participating in the development of the health research evidence base.

Research is vital to ensure that patients with a diverse range of diagnoses are receiving the best treatment available.

Your support will help us to do more research across all our services including conditions like dementia, stroke, addictions, mental health and autism.

Supporting & Thanking Staff Stories

Read more about how you can help support our staff.

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