Patient & Visitor Experience

Your support helps enhance patient and visitor care by providing the extras that improve the experience at every visit.

They can ease the burden on families, raise spirits through treatment or make an attending an appointments a more positive experience.

Attending Appointments

We know that attending appointments can be stressful or intimidating. 

Whether you are a new parent attending an appointment or an older person visiting our Memory Clinic, our funding can help create a safe, calm and positive environment.

Keeping young children engaged and attentive during or whilst waiting for an appointment can be a challenge. For older children and young people they may feel worried or anxious about their visit and clinical environments can feel scary.

We work with services to help support attendance and make it as positive an experience as possible.

Your funding can also provide materials to help us communicate what an appointment will be like to patients, helping encourage appointment attendance and improve overall patient experience.

Time in hospital

We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible during their time in hospital.

Your funding helps provide comfort packs to patients helping them feel calmer and more comfortable.

We provide games, computer consoles. colours and craft activities to bust boredom and support therapeutic activities.

Visitor Experience

Visiting is an important part of the recovery process.

By creating positive places for visiting, we can ease the burden on families and help people recover quicker.

Donations can support creating visiting rooms that are calming and supportive, with things to do that create shared experiences and raise spirts and morale for patients and their visitors.

Patient & Visitor Stories

Find out more about how your donations have enhanced patient and visitor experience.

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