Give In Celebration

Whether it is a birthday, wedding or special anniversary, asking your friends and family to make a donation on your behalf is a great way to make your celebration even more meaningful.

You could also incorporate a charity donation in place of traditional wedding favours to bring even more significance to your special day.

Make a donation

You can mark your special event by making a one-off donation online today.

Your gift will make a huge difference to patients today and in the future.

If there is something special you wish to fund or a service you would like to benefit please share this with us.

Event Collections

Asking family or friends to donate to a physical or virtual collection is a special way to make a difference to the lives of others.

You could ask for a donation as an alternative to a gift and share a link to your Just Giving page in your invitation.

You can set up a Just Giving and select Health Stars as your charity or choice or collect in person and pay in your donation at a later date.

Fundraise for us

You can take part in one of our fundraising events in the lead up to your special day or ask for sponsorship or a donation at your celebration. Find and event you want to get involved in today.

You could also choose to organise your own event and donate your proceeds online

Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on your celebration. Thank you for thinking of Health Stars on your special day.

These frequently asked questions will help make donation quick and easy but we are also here to help if you need extra support.

How do I ask people to make a donation on my behalf?

Thank you for supporting Health Stars at your celebration. This special gift will make a real difference and we are incredibly grateful for your support.
You can collect in two ways:

  1. Online using Just Giving
    Follow the guidance below to set up a Just Giving which will give directly to Health Stars. You can share a link to this page in your event invitation or on your social media to encourage donations.
  2. Hold an in person collection at your event and pay it in online.
    Visit our Donations page to pay in your donation.

Please get in touch if you need any further support with setting up a collection.

How do I create a Just Giving for Health Stars?

The Just Giving website takes you step by step through the process to create your collection page. For more information visit their website Just Giving
• Go to the Just Giving website and select that you are fundraising for a charity.
• When prompted search for Health Stars and select our name from the list.
• You will be asked if you are fundraising in someone’s memory. Select the correct response for you.
• When asked if you are taking part in an activity select whether it is an organised event or an event you are running yourself.
• You will then be asked to complete a page asking why you are raising money.
• You can copy and paste our charity description below if you would like to explain who Health Stars are and how their donations will make a difference.

About Health Stars

Health Stars are the charity of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. Together we create better healthcare and brighter futures for people across East Yorkshire, Hull, and North Yorkshire.

Your donations help enhance the health care and experiences of thousands of people using mental health, neurodiversity, learning disability, children’s and young people and local NHS services every day.

We fund equipment that NHS budgets do not cover, make our buildings more attractive and therapeutic and provide the little extras that make a visit or stay in our services that little bit brighter.

We help ease the burden on families offering comfort through treatment and reducing boredom.
Your support also helps us say an extra special thank you to our incredible team, making them feel appreciated, supported and healthy at work.

How do I pay in a donation?

You can use our donate page to send one off donations or to pay in your collections. Please tell us this money was raised in celebration to help us communicate with your appropriately.

Can I run my own fundraising event in someone’s memory?

Of course! We love to hear about all the unique ways our supporters raise funds for our services and patients. From bake sales to balls, you can find inspiration on our fundraising pages.

Are there any other ways I can donate?

If you have an idea for a unique and special fundraiser or want to talk to us about setting up a special appeal, please get in touch

Donation Stories

Find out more about how your donations support people using your local NHS services.

Get in touch

Thank you for considering Health Stars to celebrate. If you need help with your donation we are here to support you. Call Anita Green, Charity Manager, 07974 285240