How you can help

We are so proud of our fantastic colleagues. You are our partners in both raising and spending funds to brighter futures and better health care and experiences for our community.

Our wishes and dreams programmes is your way to access charitable funds for where you work.

Fulfilling your requests is only possible due to the fantastic fundraising efforts of all our supporters, including our colleagues. Thank you for your donations. Together you can go further to support our patients, their families and one another.

Show your support

There are lots of ways that you can show your support. Whether that is though small regular donation or by coming together to run a fundraiser for an appeal close to your heart.

Payroll Giving

Join our payroll giving scheme, Pennies from Heaven (Donate my pennies | Pennies from Heaven.). Join now to donate a maximum of 99p per month direct from your monthly pay.

Small change can make a big difference to our patients and staff.

Play the Lottery

You could win up to £10,000 every week in our charity lottery draw. You can feel good winning knowing that every pound you play will make a difference in your local community.


We want to be the charity of choice for all staff fundraising.

Please choose to support us if you are taking part in a sponsored event or holding a charity event like a bake sale in your workplace.

Other ways you can help

Fundraising is not the only way that you can help. As the day-to-day contact with our patients and their families you can help us spread the word, letting them know about the Charity and how their support can make a difference.

An easy way to help is by sharing and displaying charity information. Fill out the form below to request promotional material.

You can also help by connecting us to anyone that you think would be interested in fundraising or donating especially with patients and families with direct experience of our care. If you can help us find people you think would be interested in work with us more closely to realise our ambitions we’d love to have a chat.

Request Promotional Materials

If you are interested in getting started with charity volunteering, please register your interest. We will be in touch to

Get in touch

If you have any contacts, ideas or just want a chat about how we can work together to raise vital funds for our services please get in touch. Call Anita Green, Charity Manager, 07974 285240