Our Partnerships

By becoming a corporate partner you can help create better health care and experience across Hull, East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.
Every partnership makes a difference and transforms the care and experiences of our staff, patients and their families.

Strategic Partnerships

We love working with organisation to develop partnerships in line you’re your strategic goals.

We will create tailored fundraising activities
to bring your employees together around an important cause.

Employee Fundraising

We can provide a range of ready to go ideas for your team to get involved with.

From bake off’s to balls we will provide options that can be set up quickly and will help create fun and enjoyable experiences for all.

In Kind Donation

By donating your produces, service or time for free or at a discounted rate you can help us make that vision a reality for our patients and their loved ones.

Pledging your support day will help us save costs and grant more wishes for NHS services in your community.

Who you will support

By partnering with us you can choose to support a range of health care and wellbeing services. You choose to support the charity as a whole or select a service or area that will resonate the most with your staff, customers or clients. Talk to us about what is right for you.

Fundraising Stories

Read more about how fundraising for us really makes a difference.


Get in touch to have a chat about how we can work together to save and improve lives.

Call Anita Green, Charity Manager, 07974 285240