Avondale Garden Games



Avondale Garden Games

Staff from Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s Avondale Clinical Decisions Unit sent a big Thank You to Health Stars for funding a range of garden games to be used by the patients.

Avondale is a 14-bed clinical decisions unit. It provides assessment, care planning and treatment to people in a mental health crisis. In this busy environment, staff can often be supporting a range of patients with complex needs.

Eren Mills, Team Leader said: "Thanks to Health Stars we have more activities to use in the garden with patients. These include lawn games and will help patients with therapeutic activity, relaxation and distraction techniques, along with physical activity.

Health Stars also fundedtwo projectors for the unit. One is used in the garden for screening national sporting or music events and the other is used in the patients’ small lounge for playing relaxing music and scenes as part of mindfulness or to distract/relax.

“Thanks again, these items will help to improve the therapeutic activity and resources we have on Avondale to improve patient experience and staff wellbeing."

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