Access Funding

There are two ways staff can access charitable funds.


Grants under £5000

Wishes are the little things that would make a big difference for patients, staff, families and loved ones.


Grants over £5000

Do you have a vision that you want to work together to turn into reality?

Tell us about your dream and we will work with you to understand if we can work together to make it come true.

What can I request funding for?

Charity funding can support any project, item or idea that is beyond what NHS core funding would provide.

For more detailed information on what qualifies for funding download our Funding Guide

Wish Upon a HealthStar

If you have a request for funding under £5000 you can apply for us to grant your wish online today.

The form requires detailed information to help us to support your wish to come true. Before you submit your request read our ‘Guide to making a wish’ which will ensure you have everything you need before starting your application.

Make Your Dream Come True

If you have a big idea that is likely to cost over £5000 we want to hear from you.

Contact our charity team to share details of your big idea. Tell us what it is, who it will make a difference to and why you think it qualifies for charity funding.

Once we have all the information, we will bring together a ‘Dream Team’ that can turn your dream into a reality.

But, we can’t do it without you!

We will work together to develop an application for charity funding that will be taken to our Charitable Funds Committee. Once approved we will create a charity appeal and create a fundraising so can turn your dream into a reality.

We can’t do it without you

If your wish or dream is granted we will look to see if charitable funds are available. Some of our charity monies are open to anyone to apply for and some can only be used for specific services.

We will work with you to access funding where possible and when it is not, we will work together to create a fundraising plan and support you to raise the funds required.

Get in touch

Share your wishes and dreams with our charity team. Call Anita Green, Charity Manager, 07974 285240