Operation Lifestyle: The Quirky Embracers

Caitlin, Kieran, Megan and Brooke AKA The Quirky Embracers have worked extremely hard this summer raising money for CAMHS (Children and Young Adult Mental Health Service) in Driffield. To date, The Quirky Embracers have raised almost £1,000 for Health Stars!

20476485_1499755370090960_4431401211072278142_nThe Quirky Embracers are on track to raise £1,000 to improve the waiting room and to provide “stress-less bags” for young people accessing CAMHS in the East Riding.

Using the money raised, The Quirky Embracers have revamped the waiting area at Rivendell House, Driffield, including displaying their artwork on the walls, building a bookcase and providing new toys and books.

Staff, doctors and patients have all thanked them for the fantastic work they have done transforming the waiting area at CAMHS, Driffield.  Leonie Lester, CAMHS Support Worker, said “the young people 20935035_1518936664839497_1846876430503763897_ocompleted the work last week and the waiting room looks amazing. It has received nothing but positive feedback.”

The remaining funds will go towards providing “stress-less bags” for CAMHS patients in the East Riding.


Before:                                                                   After:

Rivendell- Before Picture Rivendell - After picture


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