Memory Box Project at Maister Lodge

The memory box project at Maister Lodge is proving to be hugely successful, thanks to funding from KCOM.

Damien Mattocks, Healthcare Assistant at Maister Lodge, submitted a wish to Health Stars asking for help to get the project up and running.

He said that “everyone enjoys reminiscing and doing so can improve psychological well-being – just think about when you look over old photos.” However, reminiscing can be difficult for people with dementia, so triggers are helpful.

Memory boxes contain items that can bring people back to a pleasant and significant time in their past. They can provide reassurance, helping patients feel orientated and calm by recalling fond memories of their youth, personal interests, children or general history which can be a positive experience. Memory boxes can also inspire conversation between staff, patients and family members regarding the contents of the box, as items may provide an insight into an individual’s life that would otherwise not be available.

Thanks to funding from KCOM, Health Stars were able to provide generic items such as photo albums, memorabilia packs, dominoes and playing cards to fill around 20 boxes.

Maister Lodge are planning to provide all patients with their own memory box, which the patient, staff, carers and families will have access to. Currently, Damien works on the project during his night shifts, personalising the shoe-sized boxes depending on a person’s interests.

As huge supporters of the project, we are excited to see this come together. Well done to Damien, Sara and the others on the team at Maister Lodge!

memory boxes 2