Health Stars receives its 100th wish

Health Stars is Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s charity which works with the Trust to enhance community and mental health services to our communities. Anyone can submit ‘wishes’ to the charity for things that will help enhance our service users’ experience. Having been established in August 2016, Health Stars granted its 100th wish on Monday 10 April.

The milestone wish came from Lisa Weldrick, Team Leader in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Crisis Team and was to help the team provide a range of distraction tools for young people in mental health crisis, such as stress balls, mindfulness colouring sheets and ice packs. The kits are handed out to young people in crisis to help them find something to distract them and divert their focus.

Lisa said: “The packs have proven to be incredibly popular with the young people that we’ve used them with. There are a range of things in there, so there is usually something that works for each young person. That might be a distraction aid to provide something for them to do with their hands or something to help them relax, such as a sachet of hot chocolate. We also include information leaflets about maintaining safety and managing stress.”

Charity Manager Jenny Preston said: “This is exactly the type of wish that Health Stars was established to grant. The crisis team does an excellent job helping young people in mental health crisis on a daily basis and they identified something that they felt would enhance the experience of those using their service. I’m delighted that we have reached this milestone so quickly and it is only because of the huge support we have seen from those people who have donated money that we have been able to do so.”

The charity raises money through various fundraising activities and also manages legacies left to the Trust to ensure that they are used in the most effective way possible, while respecting the wishes of the person who made the legacy.