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As part of NHS Charities Together #OneMillionClaps campaign. The public is being encouraged to text CLAP followed by a message of support to 70507 to make a £5 donation. The messages are then sent to each NHS Charity that is a member of NHS Charities Together based on the postcode linked to the text.

Here are the messages we’ve received from people within the Humber NHS Teaching Foundation Trust area. We’ll keep updating this page every day so our wonderful teams can see the messages.

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent a text and donated with a wonderful message.

28th April 

“Please take care and thank you for everything and all you do.xx”

“Keep up the great work. Our NHS is amazing”

26th April 

“The NHS is doing a fantastic job and always have done in its 76 years”

25th April 

“Best wishes to all NHS workers xx”

24th April 
“Proud to by British thank you for putting others before yourself x”

21st April
“So proud of you all” Love Maureen, Hull
“A Big thanks to everyone in the NHS and the wonderful brave work you all do. Thank You”

20th April
“Thank you NHS for all your doing x”
“Thank you for all you do not just during this pandemic but every day”

19th April
“Thank you so much to all of you for placing yourselves in danger for us. We love you all!”
“Thanks for all you’re doing for us. You are the real heroes x”

18th April

17th April
“Thank you is just not big enough to explain the gratitude we feel to you all xx”
“Keep up good work”
“Thank you for everything you are doing to protect all us brits! You are all truly inspirational human beings who deserve more than just recognition, but also a reward for your brave work! Thanks” Ben from Hull xxx
“Fantastic job all our nhs and key workers we love you all x”
“Thank you so much for wot you are doing xx”
“Keep strong! We CAN get through this! Love is strength…”
“Love and respect to you all”
“For all NHS, health and care home worker heroes & heroines”
“We can’t place into words what your efforts mean on behalf of the entire nation. Keep safe.” Henry
thank you for saving my life
“Thank you”
“Thank you nhs”
“Such an inspiration”
“Thank you!”
“Well done nhs keep all the great work up”
“Thanks to all of our NHS employees so much appreciated xxx”
“Thanks to all the GPs and staff at Manor Road Surgery” Beverley – Pat
“NHS your all AMAZING stay safe X”
“Thank you so much for you hard work, so appreciated”
“thanks nhs for all the amazing work you are doing as always”
“keeping the nation safe from this virus the nation Love you and respect you All Thank You x”
“thank you. Absolutely brilliant.”
“Proud to be part of the NHS.”
“All essential workers keep up up the good work. Angels in disguise x”
“Good Luck to you all”
“There are no words that can describe the admiration I have for the determination of our NHS, Care Workers, Healthcare Assistants , Cleaners and extended staff to combat this invisible virus hey put themselves on the front line daily sometimes with limited protection. We salute you at this unprecedented time you are amazing.” Michelle x
“Thankyou to everyone at the NHS you are all doing a marvellous job x”
“So proud of our NHS well done and thank you”
“thank you Angels at work”
“well done all of you,you are amazing xxxx”
“..thanks to all of you . my own daughter in law who is a nurse in Hull has tested positive you are worth you’re weight in gold and deserve a pay rise. I hope you will still be appreciated after all this and our NHS not taken for granted as it was xx”

“God bless you all”
“Can’t thank the NHS enough for all that they do!”
“Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.” The Naylor Family x
“I can’t thank the NHS teams enough for all that they do, not just now but always!
“..thankyou are great.xx
“Our thanks for all the work and dedication you give to all your patients”
“keep up your great work.”
“Thank you all so much for all you are doing! You are all our Angels. xxx”
“Thank you to everyone at NHS, you are amazing”
“For all the NHS and those who care for people at home and in care settings”
“Thank you so much xx”
“The Morris Family x”
“You are ALL amazing”
“Thank you to all of you in the NHS for all that you do for us.” Love from Jo, Hull xx
“Thank you NHS” Lizzie & Kian, Hull
“Just one simple message thank you thank you thank you xx”
“Thank you so much, to each and everyone of you amazing people…you really are amazing”
“Thank you NHS and carers for going into work every day putting your life at risk to save us all” Love to you all from Lesley & Will
“Thank you to all the staff working for the NHS!”
“Thank you I am so so proud of our NHS”
“You’re amazing our NHS is the best in the world”
Thank you to our amazing NHS and key workers all around the UK”
“Thank you NHS x”
“To all you special people doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work. We are all grateful in our family for the life of our dad”
“To all key workers what amazing people you are…”
“Thank you for everything you are doing. You are amazing. Keep smiling when you can. Keep each other going. Love from the Davie Family in Hull”
“You are fantastic thank you X
“I would like to dedicate my £5 to all the NHS workers who have sadly lost their lives to this disease and especially Mary Agyeiwaa Agyapong RIP”
“So proud of our NHS you are all amazing and thank you to you all keep safe and stay well”
“A big big thank you to you all YOU ARE AMAZING”
“You’re all our angels”
“Thank you for everything you’re all doing”
“Thankyou for everything you are doing you are real heroes!”
“Well done to all of you”
“We are so lucky to have the NHS. The staff that work for the NHS are selfless. They would literally put their lives on the line to look after their patients. They are caring, passionate and amazing people. We love the NHS”
“Thanks for everything you do for us all xx”
“Thank you nhs”
“For all NHS and key workers, thank you!”
“Thank you. You are all amazing”
“Thank you for everything the NHS are doing”
“Thank you for all your good work…”
“No amount of words can express how grateful me and my family are for your amazing work and all that you are doing not just the nurses and doctors but every single person who is working in the hospitals and associated services like paramedics. Thank you so so much you all deserve medals”
“Fantastic work our NHS”
“So proud of you all sending BIG hug”
“Where would we be without you all thank you”
“I am so amazed by the dedication and impressed that you are not letting fear keep you away from your calling. i am so proud to live in a country with this amazing institution and so many amazing people. Well done and a huge thank you to each and every one of you”
“Thank You so Very Much”
“Thank you to the NHS and all of the key workers”
“Thank you for your love when all hope is gone. X”
“NHS I am so proud of all you do for us you truly deserve our love & respect”
“Thank you for all the brilliant work all the staff are doing! It means the world!”
“Thank you for being so brave & taking such fab care of us”
“Never wavering”
“Helping everyone”
“Selfless in these hard times”
“Thank You All”
“Thank you for the incredible work you’re doing. You are all amazing”
“Thank you NHS. You are truly inspirational people. You are all true heroes and amazing”
“God bless the NHS”
“NHS the greatest invention ever”
“Carry on the great work your all doing!!! xx”
“Many thanks to NHS”
“Well done to all you NHS Heroes”
“I would like to say well done to everyone in the NHS from the doctors / nurses all the way to the cleaning and catering staff”
“Thank you to all NHS staff and key workers, for all that you do!”
“I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the NHS and all key workers. Special shout out to my daughter Beth who is a carer. She is doing a fantastic job I am so proud of her”
“Keep doing the fantastic job you are doing xx”
“We thank you all for what you do for us”
“You’re amazing and we love you all. Keep up the excellent work xx”
“Stay safe nurse Wright daughter
“For our NHS workers especially our future daughter in law who’s a nurse”
“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.x”
“Thank you to all the amazing NHS staff for all their hard work! It means so much to us all”
“Thank you to all the amazing NHS workers!” With love from Lewis x
“Stay safe and keep saving lives, your all amazing” Love Millie aged 6 x
“NHS You Rock, Our Hero’s fighting a War to keep us safe .. thank you thank you thank you xxx”
“Thank you for everything you do” Mark & Sarah x
“Thank you for your amazing work stay safe” Love Sarah & family
“Thank you all stay safe”
“Thank you for all you do x
“God bless our NHS”
“NHS Thank you so much” Susan, Hull
“You are all truly magnificent, inspiring people. You are Angels on earth. May you all stay safe. I pray you do”

16th April
“Thank you to all the NHS staff and all the key workers”
“Stay strong”

15th April
“Wonderful job. Thank you xx”

14th April
“Total Respect to you all unsung heroes fighting to keep people alive by putying yourselves we appreciate everything your doing xxx”

13th April
“You are all amazing and are doing a fabulous job, thank you, thank you, thank you xx”

12th April
“We are all so thankful for you all”
“Our heroes, now and for all time”
“Thank you NHS for the fantastic work you are doing day and night xx”
“You’ve always been marvellous. It’s just that now everybody knows it!”
“Fantastic group and individuals”
“Thank You”
“A massive well done to the NHS your all doing fantastic and we are all very grateful of your hard work in theses difficult circumstances well done”
“Thank you keep safe!”

11th April
“Thank you for all you’e doing, you are the true hero’s in this testing time”
“Thank you NHS x”
“Thank you NHS”
“Well done to all of The nhs staff”
! You rock!!! Thank you for all your hard work!
When the minority take you for granted, the majority could not live without you. Thank you
“Thank you NHS for looking after us all x x”
“You are all heroes! XXX”
“Thank you for all your selfless help and support at this worrying time, keep up the hard and tiring work” The Iveson Family, East Yorkshire
“Thank you to All NHS workers, volunteers and carers you are truly amazing”
“Thank you all so much for leaving your families to take care of ours”
“We appreciate all you are doing for us” Love Claire, lee & brad x
“Thank you everyone”
“THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough for what each and everyone of you are doing! Eternally grateful. Keep safe
So grateful to live in this country. So grateful to have our NHS. So grateful to have all of you wonderful & dedicated people looking after us”
“You are all doing an incredible job, your bravery and hard work does not go amiss, #staysafe #wecangetthroughthistogether
“Thank you for putting others first . XXX”
“You must be feeling scared but staying on the front line”
“thank you all for your fantastic work and your bravery we love you all words cannot explain how thankful we all are xxx”
“You saved my wife recently. Brilliant NHS”
“Thank You to all the true heroes of this country. You really are The Best. Please Stay Safe and Blees you ALL
whilst I can’t be with my NHS colleagues I’m 100% behind our superheroes who don’t need to wear their pants over their tights for us to know how epic they are. Stay safe NHS and all other key workers and we will see you on the other side” Team Whittaker (Sarah, Rich, Emily & Joseph from South Cave, East Yorkshire) x x
“You are all real life superheroes. Thank you for all your hard work. We don’t know where we would be without your hard work and dedication”
“God bless each and every one of you xx”
“We greatly appreciate your dedication & selflessly putting yourselves & your families in danger to help us. A big thank you” Audrey & John xx
“Thank you for the amazing work you are doing, you are simply the best x”
“Continue the good work thank you”
“Thank you. You are so brave”
“Thank you for all the work”
“Thank you for your generous gift: the gift of your time, and the care and support you give every day”
“Thank you for all you are doing stay safe”
“Thank you for all you are doing. Keep safe”
“Thank you for the amazing work you do!”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you…you are AMAZING Stay Safe”
“Thank you. You are doing an amazing job. Stay safe”
“Thank you – you are all heroes – stay safe xx
“You are the best. You always have been and you always will be”
“Thank you to every single person who works for the NHS from the cleaners/porters upto those who work with Coronavirus patients. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING”
“You are amazing people we can’t thank you enough for your help and support x amazing”
“Thank you for all that you do” Love from Gail xx
“You are all doing an amazing job . Thank you so much”
“Stay safe all key workers”
“Thank you all for your wonderful care and dedication”
“keep strong and keep safe ” Julie, Hull
“Thank you for the wonderful job you’re all doing. Where would we be without you?”
“All you guys are doing a fantastic job under horrendous conditions. You have our undying gratitude. Huge respect”
“Thank you all you are truly amazing xx”
“As I’ll be working as a hospital domestic cleaner again after 3 weeks off well done keep the good work up”
“Thank you so very much NHS your all amazing and so brave everyone of you are our heroes . Also thanks to everyone who are keeping the country going . STAY SAFE”
“Thank you. We are all so very proud of how you are helping us”
“Thank you” Carol n Phil
“Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Stay safe”
“Thanks for the amazing work you’re all doing”
“You are the bravest people in our communities. Thank you”
“Thank you NHS”
“Thank you for your compassion and bravery on the frontline of the NHS”