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A funeral collection is a lovely way to remember your loved one. Please contact us if you would like any further help with this.


Donations in memory of your loved one help us to enhance the services we can offer to others. Perhaps you could set up a memory fund online in their honour via Virgin Giving so that your friends and relatives can make a donation in their memory.


Leaving a legacy in your will to Health Stars is one way for you to leave a lasting legacy to Hull and East Yorkshire.

A gift can significantly impact the lives of people accessing the Humber NHS Foundation Trust’s services.

Donations are never used to replace statutory NHS funding, they pay for added extras, ranging from specialist equipment, patient activities, or plants for sensory gardens.

You can even specify which area, both geographically or in terms of service, you’d like your gift to support.

If you’d like any further information, please contact us on: 01482 389103

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We finally got the soil sorted: all went to plan, I must mention that without the great help from the patients from Ouse ward and staff Rachel and Trevor from the OT department  this would have been impossible on my own.

I really appreciate  the input and involvement and the work you have done for the OT department.

Thank you for our trip to The Deep !

The group had such a good time.

To be honest they were satisfied with just having lunch, so a nice excursion afterwards was amazing.

A few of us at the back had a great surprise and had a private dive show as we were leaving. The diver waved at us and came to the window and fed some fish right in front of us. They were thrilled!

I really think that having this trip has been a very memorable experience for this group and they have expressed their gratitude to all involved in the organising of it.

Thank you, Health Stars. The Nimbus mattresses you’ve provided means my dad is much comfier. It’s nice to see him looking so relaxed!

Thank you, Health Stars. The garden tools are really helping my patients undergoing therapy after a stroke.