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Circle of Wishes

Circle of Wishes is your opportunity to make a wish for something you’d like to see in one of the Trust’s many services. Anyone can make a wish – patients, their families, or staff and we’ll do our best to bring them to reality.

Relaxation Space at Greentrees

The OT team at Greentrees would like to create a relaxation/sensory space to support patients who experience symptoms of anxiety and do not have the space available to sit and relax. We would like a CD player and relaxation/mindfulness CDs, lava or bubble lamp, stress balls and bean bags. Ref: COW 200

Picnic Bench

The team at Market Weighton GP Surgery would love some garden seating/picnic bench for the staff to use at lunch breaks. Ref: COW 201

CD Player with DAB, Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone dock

We would like a portable stereo sound system with DAB, blue tooth, iPod/iPhone dock that can also play CD's. Patients do currently not have any access to play music on the ward as all others players have broken. A new system would allow a greater patient experience during their stay in hospital. Ref: COW199

Garden Furniture for Mill View Lodge

Mill View Lodge currently has a beautiful summer house provided by Health Stars, but don't have any outdoor furniture or tables to enable use of the new space for therapeutic groups. Our wish is for some tables and chairs for us to make the most of our outdoor areas. Ref: COW 198

Toys and Games for Children’s Speech and Language Service

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team in Goole support children aged 3-18 in clinic and school. We use a range of games and activities to interact with children of all ages. At the moment our toy cupboard is looking a bit bare. We would appreciate any toys or games that are going spare. Ref: COW 197

Christmas trees for Market Weighton GP Surgery

At Market Weighton Practice we only have one  90cm, old Christmas tree.  Our practice is a state of the art practice and for next Christmas we would love two full size decorated Christmas trees as we have two floors and two waiting areas. This would brighten up the practice and benefit all for Christmas 2018!

Ref: COW 196

CD Player and assorted relaxation aids for young people with ASD

The request is for a CD player and assorted relaxation discs, Ear defenders, Eye masks, small throwing bean bags, battery operated large mood light, assorted pieces of material (sensory), sensory bag/box/bracelets for young people attending the ASD groups

Ref: COW 195

Flexible knee and life size spine and pelvis skeleton to use during triage clinic

We are a relatively new, small team of general nurses working within the Humber Centre to raise awareness, provide health promotion and education and improve our patients overall physical healthcare. Our service provides care for patients within the Humber Centre with long term conditions as well as a primary care triage service. Our patients would hugely benefit from the team being able to use a flexible knee and life size spine and pelvis skeleton during our triage clinics to enable them to visualise problems and therefore understand the advice and exercises we may advise. This would encourage better understanding and self care-giving our patients some control back over their health. Ref: COW 194

Lego, Duplo and other resources to be used during speech and language therapy sessions

The speech and Language Therapy team within the adult learning disability service have begun to use Lego therapy with a number of clients with autism. Lego therapy is well researched and aims to develop a range of social communication and other skills such as problem solving. With the clients that are undergoing the therapy the team has noticed positive improvement in non-verbal communication, initiation, turn taking and problem solving. However, the team currently only has a small amount of Lego and specific resources to run the sessions.

In order to continue to develop the therapy with individual clients and to set up a Lego therapy group, we would like more Lego, Duplo and other required resources to help run the therapy sessions.

Ref: COW 193
Wish Granted

Christmas Presents for Patients at Whitby Hospital

Gift Donations

Would you be able to provide Christmas gifts for patients spending Christmas in Whitby Hospital

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Wish Granted

New Kitchen for Mill View Lodge

I wonder if you would be able to work your magic and perhaps offer  some assistance on Mill View Lodge. For many years now we have been in desperate need of a new kitchen. The kitchen on the unit is used for patients (they have full access) and also as an ADL (Activities of Daily Living) kitchen where our Occupational Therapist will do some basic assessments with patients prior to them returning home. It really does look very tatty and I wondered if you could help us with this wish.

Ref: COW190

Flexible skeleton joints to aid patients understand their exercises

The two MSK practitioners with our GP practices are committed to patient education and teaching patients to self care. Therefore we would love to be able to show patients models of ” Flexible knee, hip, lumber spine, and an articulated arm Skelton joints (all with ligaments!) to aid patients understanding and compliance with regards to exercises that are given.

Ref: COW189
Wish Granted

Gazebo for The Healthtrainers

We would like to make a wish for a gazebo for the Healthtrainers. We do events all over the East Riding and we feel a nice bright gazebo would be a perfect way of enhancing the service and letting people know what they can achieve by making healthy life style changes.

We would also love to let people know about the amazing health stars charity and would like to include it as part of our branding.

Ref: COW188

Funding to help publicise ISPHN Team Services via social media

Funding to help us launch our BRAND NEW Facebook page. The Health Visiting and School Nursing Teams have recently undergone a transition and we are now one team under the umbrella of ‘Integrated Specialist public health nurses’ (ISPHNS Team). Although this change is exciting it has been a challenge to ensure that our service users understand our new roles and can access us easily. As practitioners we have plans to launch a new Facebook page as an innovative way to reach our hard to reach service users, and carry our effective health promotion. To do this successfully however we need a small budget which will allow us to pay Facebook to target our demographic and boost our posts. Without funding we fear our page will fail to be visible.

Our page is aimed at children, young people and their families. We are involved with families from conception (Antenatally) through to nineteen years of age (25 if the child has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities). We hope to distribute valuable health information on topic such as the recent Measles outbreak, young peoples mental health, safe sleeping for infants and breastfeeding to name just a few. So securing funding to boost our posts to effectively reach our demographic would be a huge help in ensuring that children and families in the east riding area receive useful, reliable and targeted health information.

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Ref: COW187
Wish Granted

A Santa suit and a new Christmas tree with decorations

HombaseMy wish is for the inpatient unit at Whitby to have a new Santa suit, and Christmas tree with decorations for it.  The patients are generally frail and elderly and the staff work tirelessly every day of the year to provide the best care they can for everyone. The Santa suit, tree and decorations would cheer the appearance of the ward during the festive season. Thank you very much

Whitby TreeSanta Suit

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Ref: COW186
Wish Granted

Large Christmas Tree for Granville Court

Christmas TreeI would like to wish for a large Christmas tree for our residents at Granville Court who have profound learning disabilities. To have a tree lit up in the garden with colourful trimmings would be amazing for them to see, feel and smell. Please help us make their xmas special.

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Ref: COW183
Wish Granted

Therapeutic Groups at Rossmore Stroke Unit

We would like support for the Hull Stroke Service to continue running therapeutic groups at Rossmore Stroke Unit. We provide a range of therapy groups including but not limited to; gardening, arts and crafts, baking and groups to support patients to address their varied therapy goals during their inpatient stay. In order to continue these groups we are required to replenish our resources throughout the year. We would like Health Stars to help us fund an arts and craft project group and winter gardening project as well as other one off groups. Thank you

Ref: COW181

“My Coping Bags” for CAMHS

Our wish is to be able to supply a “My Coping Bag” to the young people at CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services). We’d like the bags to contain items for the young people which will promote positive coping strategies, including distraction, mindfulness and relaxation. These are all strategies we often recommend, and having the bags available to give to patients would be great! These bags would be particularly aimed at young people who self harm.

Ref: COW 177

Support with OT Allotment Rent

We would appreciate your help to pay for our community OT allotment rent.  We currently  have 3 plots. Our gardening group provides support and activities for local people with severe and enduring mental health problems.

Ref: COW175
Wish Granted

Activity and Relaxation Equipment for Newbridges

Newbridges are looking to increase the level of activity and relaxation of patients to promote mental health and wellbeing.  We aim to set up and run a group and would really appreciate your help with the following equipment:-  Gym mats/folding yoga mats,  boxing gloves and pads,  light weights of up to no more than 6kg, skipping ropes, medicine balls, electric plug in scented misting humidifier. It is hoped that this will reduce incidents on the unit, whilst optimising opportunities to promote activity and relaxation with our patients.

Ref: COW176

Christmas Gifts for Voluntary Services Outreach Groups

PresentsVoluntary Services outreach groups will each be having a Christmas celebration. We would love to help make the day extra special by providing a small Christmas gift for the attendees as they are isolated and may not have other family.

Ref: COW174
Wish Granted

Aromatherapy kits for CAMHS

I am requesting aromatherapy relaxation bags which include relaxation CD, pendant for placing aromatherapy blend of oils onto and a 1ml bottle for putting blend into.   Health Stars have previously supported this wish.  The bags have been of great benefit to the young people I treat, and allows them to continue to treat themselves at home and receive the benefit of their blend. please could I wish for some more as I only have one left. I would also like to add lava stone bracelets to my wish, as an alternative to the necklace/pendants for young people who are not permitted to wear pendants for school.

Ref: COW173
Wish Granted

Christmas meal for service users with Learning Disabilities

CTLD ChristmasI am organising a Christmas meal on the 13th December at the Goodfellowship pub and hoping to take 20 Community Team Learning Disabilities service users who live on their own and have no family members. This will give our service users something to look forward to as well as an opportunity to socialise and meet up with others. I will make this meal special for them giving gifts.

Ref: COW172
Wish Granted

Conference room rent

The East Riding Macmillan Palliative Care Team require £300 for rent of the Red Lion conference Room in Holme Upon Spalding Moore for 6 days (£50/day) of delivery for the degree course for next year

Ref: COW171

Handheld ECG Machine

My wish is for a handheld ECG machine for Northpoint Medical Practice. The service has over 100 patients in care or nursing homes and have no means of doing an ECG unless they can get into the surgery or be taken directly to the hospital for admission.

A handheld ECG machine would reduce unnecessary admissions to local hospitals as the team could perform the test for any slight chest pains in the comfort of their home, without causing distress. The patient could then be taken to hospital if necessary. It would be a huge benefit in helping with the care of the residents in their homes.

Ref: COW169

Memory Boxes

The East Riding of Yorkshire Macmillan Team require some memory boxes, books and leaflets for children and teenagers relating to cancer: its treatment, death, dying and bereavement. This will allow us to provide a range of practical support and guidance on bereavement to children and their familiesMemory Boxes

Ref: COW167
Wish Granted

Items for CAMHS Stress-Less Bags

We would like to request a top up of resources for our stress-less bags that we give to young people that present in crisis. We receive great feedback from young people and parents as to the effectiveness of the bags that, alongside staff interventions, provide alternatives to self harming behaviours and stress management.

Ref: COW168
Wish Granted

Art Materials and Journals

A wish to receive art materials and journals for a 10 week therapy group: “Expression Through Creativity” held at Crystal Villa in Bridlington. “Expression Through Creativity” will focus on thoughts and feelings, and how we can express these in creative ways. The group is to be run through the winter months for 10 clients.

Ref: COW165

Shaving Foam (Bridlington Hospital)

The Macmillan Wolds/GP Ward Team request a supply of shaving foam to shave the gentlemen patients who are admitted without any supply of toiletries of their own. This type of personal care is not a core service provided by the NHS and is vital to a gentleman’s dignity and self respect.

Ref: COW164
Wish Granted

Football Kit for The Humber Trust team

The Humber Trust football team, which takes part in the East Riding FA’s Football Inclusion League, is mainly made up of service users with the help of some staff. This league was set up to encourage recovery through sporting activity and the ethos is to include players of all abilities no matter what their mental health issues may be. It is a great way to help our service users to gain recovery in many areas of their lives, including health and social, and so many have benefited by being part of the team over the years.
Our team are currently trying to re-structure, which is not only about recruiting new players, but setting up training sessions and looking at getting a new kit, as we’ve been living on borrowed old kits, which are now pretty run down and missing some pieces.
For this we need your help to be able to get a new football team kit and some training material to get the team running again and keep helping so many service users.

Ref: COW163

Inter-Unit Christmas Party

Christmas is on its way and here across the Mental Health services we would like to throw another successful inter-unit party. For this we need your help: we would like to decorate the venue and provide entertainment, gifts and food for all to enjoy.

Ref: COW162

Stress-Less Bags

My wish is to provide Stress- Less bags to young people who access East Riding Community CAMHS (Children and Young Adult Mental Health Service). The bags will include distraction items, self help leaflets and coping strategies to help a young person at times of increased stress.

Ref: COW161
Wish Granted

Driving Assessments for Older People’s Mental Health Services

To be able to fund the cost of an assessment by the Regional Driving Assessment Centre for patients with mental health problems that may effect their ability to continue to drive.
Many people with early dementia, because of the nature of the condition, face the prospect of not driving. This can have a devastating effect on their lives. Currently, upon diagnosis, patients are requested to inform the DVLA of their diagnosis, this often results in them losing their licence. There is the facility to undertake a driving assessment that gives the person the decision as to whether or not they are able to continue to drive, rather that relying on a cognitive function test that does not specifically look at this area of function.  For many people a driving assessment will be too expensive and they will either stop driving when they don’t need to or continue to drive and not inform the DVLA.

If access to this service could be supported via funding from Health Stars it would enable more patients to have this assessment and either continue to drive or be requested not to drive by the DVLA. If not driving is the outcome it will be easier to accept if the person has undergone a specific test. I am asking on behalf of the Older People’s Mental Health Services in Bridlington/Driffield and Holderness if there could be support for patients with the cost of this assessment via Heath Stars.

Ref: COW160


The team on the GP/Wolds unit at Bridlington Hospital would like nine whiteboards to put on the walls next to each patient’s bed. The boards would be used to highlight important information regarding, for example, any mobility equipment/aids the patient uses, any special diet they need etc. This would directly benefit and enhance each patient’s safety and care. The boards come with pens, erasers etc so information can be easily updated and each board can be held safely in place using command strips.

Ref: COW159
Wish Granted

Art Supplies (PSYPHER)

The PSYPHER art group has ran over the last 4 years. We are running low on supplies and would hugely appreciate some more resources for the group in order to do autumn and Christmas crafts.

Ref: COW157

Minibus for Voluntary Services

Voluntary Services provide a community outreach service which aims to combats loneliness and social isolation; transporting around 300 people to regular appointments and groups.

The current minibus is 17 years old and becoming uneconomical to repair. We will need a new minibus with a tail lift and wheelchair access, which we currently cannot provide.

Ref: COW3
Wish Granted

Bird food and replacement feeders

So that patients can watch wildlife whilst being on complete bed rest, we would like some more bird food and to replace the bird feeders for the Macmillan Unit gardens.

Ref: COW155
Wish Granted

Breast Cancer Education Resources

We have joined forces with 2 other GP practices in Bransholme Health Centre to raise money for Breast Cancer. I am looking for educational materials to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and how people can examine their breasts.

Ref: COW151
Wish Granted

Art Supplies for Recovery College courses

art supplies recovery college

Art resources for the creativity and well-being courses we offer from October to March through the Recovery College.

Ref: COW150
Wish Granted

Spoons and Hot Chocolate

The patients on the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit would like 3 dozen tea spoons, 3 dozen dessert spoons, a box of Horlicks light sachets and a box of Ovaltine light sachets.


Ref: COW148
Wish Granted

Dyson Fans

4 x Dyson Fans for patient care and support. Dyson fans absorb air but do not distribute, making them infection control efficient. Patients need these fans to absorb their bodily odours in a confined space.

Ref: COW146
Wish Granted

Water Jugs

12 x 500ml jugs  with 8 Blue lids and 2 Red lids

These are for patient use as a 1000ml jug is too heavy for some patients to lift. The different coloured lids indicate when the water is changed, blue for morning and red for afternoon so that the patients and relatives know that the water is fresh.

Ref: COW142
Wish Granted

Toys for CAMHS West End Waiting Room

The current toys in the CAMHS West End waiting room are tired and not always age appropriate. It would be great to have bigger variety of things; particularly complete toys. More things like puzzles and games would be great; along side things like Lego. I think this will make the entrance to CAMHS much more welcoming and inclusive.

Ref: COW141
Wish Granted

Replacement Pool Table for Newbridges


Unfortunately the pool table at Newbridges Inpatient Unit has been broken. This activity was used all the time as it is a great way to get patients engaging throughout the day with staff and fellow peers. It is greatly missed by patients and staff alike who would be grateful for a replacement pool table.

Ref: COW140
Wish Granted

Healthy Snacks for Voluntary Services

Voluntary services runs a number of outreach social groups for people who are lonely and isolated. We would like to provide healthy snacks such as fruit for the attendees to encourage a healthy lifestyle as part of the groups aims.

Ref: COW139

Yorkshire Day at Bridlington Hospital

£29.23 to fund Yorkshire Day at the Macmillan Wolds Unit, Bridlington Hospital. The ward patients and their families are celebrating Yorkshire Day by having a party using all things from the great county! All the goodies are laid out on a trolley for tea time, and the ward is decorated with Yorkshire paraphernalia.

Ref: Cow138
Wish Granted

Sports Resources for Memory Boxes

hull krHull City donations from Mark Turner

A lot of our patients at Maister Lodge are from the local area and have supported the local rugby and football teams over the years. It would be really great if we could have some sports resources to include in our Memory Boxes – back copies of sports magazines or programmes for Hull FC, Hull KR and Hull City. Any other promotional materials or memorabilia for conversation and reminiscence would be gratefully received.

display board

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Ref: COW137
Wish Granted

Polytunnel for Rosedale Community Unit Garden Group




Our wish is to be able to recover our poly tunnel.

At Rosedale we run a gardening group for service users that are on their mental health recovery with our team. Our gardening group is facilitated by a fantastic volunteer called Stuart. In the group we grow produce in our poly tunnel and sell what we grow to raise money to buy seeds, compost etc, to do it all over again the following year.

Our poly tunnel cover is in dire need of replacing. Stuart, along with people in the group, have patched the poly tunnel up a few times over the years, but unfortunately the elements have got the better of it, and it is leaking quite badly now.

The money we make from the selling the vegetables is pennies and nowhere near the cost of replacing the polythene cover, and we need the money raised to recycle for seeds for the following year.

If we were lucky enough to be granted our wish, we wouldn’t expect anyone to fit it for us. Stuart said that we would be capable of fitting it with the help of the others in the group to keep the cost to a minimum.

Ref: COW136
Wish Granted

Supplies for Coffee Machine

Supplies for the patient/visitor’s coffee machine in the patient day room at the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit.

Ref: COW134
Wish Granted

Day Unit Items

Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit at Bridlington Hospital would like the following for the benefit of patients using the Day Unit: butter; daily papers; toiletries (shower gel/shampoo); a water cooler; Oasis bed bath wipes and biscuits for tea and coffee.

Ref: COW128
Wish Granted

Ladies bed jackets

Ladies bed jackets x 10 in various sizes for the Macmillan Wolds Unit at Bridlington Hospital. So patients can enjoy being out of bed/sitting in the day room or even take advantage of the garden area whilst staying in their beds.

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Ref: COW133
Wish Granted


15 x pairs of gentlemen’s pyjamas and 15 x ladies’s nightdresses for the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit at Bridlington Hospital.

Ref: COW132
Wish Granted

Single bed cellular blankets

30 single bed cellular blankets for single patient use for the Macmillan Wolds Unit at Bridlington Hospital.

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Ref: COW129
Wish Granted

Replacement microwave

A new microwave for the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit at Bridlington Hospital to replace current microwave that has been decommissioned.

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Ref: COW130
Wish Granted

Sundry Items, Bridlington

To pay for sundry items purchased for patients staying on the ward. For instance, butter purchased from the hospital kitchens, patient taxi fares to attend palliative day centre and toiletries purchased for patients who have none of their own.

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Ref: COW126
Wish Granted

Digital Camera for Greentrees Lodge

A digital camera for Greentrees Lodge which would be used by patients and staff.

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Ref: COW127
Wish Granted

Toys for Whitby Minor Injuries Unit

toys whitby miu toys whitby miu 2

My wish is to improve the toys in the waiting area of the Whitby Minor Injuries department. The current toys have been well loved over the years by children waiting to be treated and they now need replacing with new ones.

Having toys in the waiting area helps reduce the stress of the situation of being injured or ill and it also creates a welcoming environment for children in a hospital setting.

We need toys that are easy to clean to reduce the risk of cross infection – all toys must be made of a material that allows for effective cleaning and decontamination, such as a wooden activity table. This could be cleaned easily and the parts would be well contained as parts cannot be removed.

Ref: COW125
Wish Granted

Aromatherapy couch for CAMHS

My wish is to be able to replace the couch I use when delivering aromatherapy treatment to children and young people in CAMHS. We have received so much positive feedback from young people receiving their relaxation packages (a wish that has been previously granted by Health Stars), and as a result my caseload keeps growing! The couch I use currently is not ideally suited for the treatments I deliver when people need to lay face down, as there is no hole for their face to lie in. I do hope you may be able to help us help our young people to feel totally comfortable and relaxed during these very important mental health interventions.

Ref: COW124
Wish Granted

Therapy Items for Garden at Stroke Unit

We would like to purchase garden related therapy items for the garden in our Stroke rehabilitation unit at Highlands Health Centre.

Ref: COW123
Wish Granted

DBS Check

Positive Assets wish to support a client to gain paid employment by assisting with the payment of a DBS check to work within Humber NHS Foundation Trust (Flexible Workforce Team). This has become a barrier to their employment as the client is unable to fund this themselves and there is no alternative funding available in this instance.

Ref: COW122
Wish Granted

Garden furniture for allotment group

Haven allotment group based at off Boothferry Road is for adults aged 18-65 who have severe and enduring mental health issues. The group does not receive any funding and would benefit from two large umbrellas with bases, a picnic bench and a garden bench to give clients space to relax and enjoy the allotment area.

Ref: COW120
Wish Granted

iPod Nano’s


Maister Lodge would like 2 x iPod Nano’s (16GB) for music to be streamed through speakers we have purchased. We will use them day-to-day on the ward for patients but we could also use them for the Cafe Bistro.

Ref: COW121
Wish Granted

Equipment for Cooking Project

We would like to start a rolling cooking programme (six sessions for 8 clients at a time) at PSYPHER, run by our Occupational Therapist. Cooking equipment such as pans, cutlery and baking resources would be needed, plus ingredients for each session.

Ref: COW118
Wish Granted

Arts & Crafts Group Pub Lunch

The Arts and Crafts group meet fortnightly to socialise and do something creative. They are a group of people with memory problems who don’t get much opportunity to socialise and are at risk of loneliness and isolation. We would love to take them for a carvery, so that they have the chance to do something that most of us take for granted – a nice lunch with their friends.

Ref: COW116
Wish Granted

Humber Social Fish & Chips

volunteer minibus 1

Humber Social are a group of older people who are at risk of loneliness and isolation. They would love a trip to the seaside for fish and chips; a chance to relax with their friends and have a fun day out.

Ref: COW115
Wish Granted

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats as an incentive for patients before commencing their fundraising for our Health & Well-being Hub at the Humber Centre

Ref: COW114
Wish Granted

Replacement pool table and darts board


The all male ward at Newbridges Mental Health Unit would like support with the provision of leisure based activities on the unit. We would like to replace our pool table and darts board that was unfortunately broken during a violent incident. Being an all-male ward, lack of activity can lead to an increase in violent and aggressive outbursts so any other activities that might be useful for our ward would also be greatly appreciated.

Ref: COW113
Wish Granted

Garden Tool Shed


The Therapeutic Garden Group at Crystal Villa in Bridlington helps service users with anxiety or low self-esteem begin their recovery through activity in the small group run by Occupational Therapy.  The group wishes for a replacement garden tool shed. Unfortunately the winter weather took its toll on the previous shed which has now been demolished.

Ref: COW112
Wish Granted

Replenish Stress-Less Bags (CAMHS)

Our Stress-Less Bags have proven very popular amongst young people in crisis. These are given out to young people in mental health crisis and include distraction items to help in the immediate management of their mental health. We wish to replenish our stock of items to go in the bags in order for us to help more individuals.

Ref: COW110
Wish Granted

Summerhouse and plants (Granville Court)

The residents at Granville Court in Hornsea have profound learning disabilities with complex needs. Improving the therapeutic garden area would really enhance our service. A range of sensory plants and flowers, as well as a summer house structure with extended awning and solar lighting would provide a relaxing area for the enjoyment of our clients.

granville court garden aug 2017 2 granville court garden aug 2017 3 granville court garden aug 2017

Ref: COW109
Wish Granted

Humber Centre Allotment Rent

The Humber Centre has an allotment in Skirlaugh which we have had for a number of years now. This allotment is used by patients from the majority of our wards. It would be great if we could have £200 to pay for the coming year’s rent.

Ref: COW106
Wish Granted

Therapy/Meeting Rooms (Townend Court)

We only have a few Therapy/Assessment and meeting rooms at the old building in Townend Court. The few we have are in high demand and used by various services. Sadly this means no one really looks after them and the chairs are mismatched with a number of them broken and uncomfortable, the walls are scratched and the whole thing could really do with some love and attention.

It would be absolutely fantastic if these rooms, where service users, their families and carers come, could be made to be more inviting. Some comfortable chairs alone would make a big difference, a lick of paint would be stunning and a friendly picture on the wall would really be fantastic.

Please help us make these spaces more welcoming, functional and caring.

Ref: COW107

Subscription to the British Journal of Healthcare Assistants

British journal of Healthcare Assistants for HCAs and assistant practitioners

Ref: COW99
Wish Granted

Defibrillators for Voluntary Services minibuses

Voluntary Services offer a transport service through our volunteer drivers project. It is rapidly expanding and we are carrying passengers with a variety of needs. Our drivers are currently going through first aid and defibrillator training, therefore we require defibrillators on our two buses which will improve the care and safety of our passengers.

Ref: COW105

Benches for Trust HQ

The main courtyard at Trust HQ would benefit from two benches around the staff allotment. Having benches in this area would allow staff to be able to have a place to sit outside, eat their lunch or just take some time away from their desks.

donated benches 2donated benches

Ref: COW104
Wish Granted

Garden Furniture Crystal Villa

IMG_1159IMG_1160 IMG_1162

Our therapeutic garden group has been going for 13 years. Over that time our furniture has seen a lot of weather and general wear and tear! The benches we have are no longer safe, but we are planning to recycle them into plant pots. However we still need somewhere to sit so two replacement plain garden benches that seat 3 people would benefit our garden group greatly. Adding a picnic table to our garden furniture would also provide another aspect to our group – the space to enable us to try wood work and sculpture projects.

Ref: COW102
Wish Granted

Chill Out Room at PICU, Miranda House

Our wish is to create a “chill out room” on PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Miranda house). The chill out space would provide clients with a relaxing and calming environment when/if they required. We would like to equip this room with comfy seats and beanbags; sensory items such as music; plants in the small garden outside along with other items to make it feel chilled and comfortable.

Ref: COW101

Gift Bag for CAMHS

100th wish photo

Our wish is to buy additional products to go in the gift bag to give to young people when presenting in crisis. Examples of content includes stress balls/ tangles, elastic bands, scented products, colouring products, ice packs, hot chocolate sachets. Also included are a safety leaflets, strategies to maintain safety/ manage stress and free resources from the internet (positive self-talk statements/ mindfulness colouring etc.)

The benefits are that young people have something physical from CAMHS to enable them to refer to/ use at times of increased stress.

Ref: COW100
Wish Granted

Rotational car seats for elderly clients

To enable our elderly clients to get in and out of cars when being transported by our CPN’s or STR workers in the staff’s own cars, the Bridlington & Driffield Older People’s Mental Health team would like 2 swivel/rotational car seats

Ref: cow95
Wish Granted

Memory boxes for Dementia patients

memory boxes 2 memory boxes

Everyone enjoys reminiscing, and it can improve psychological well-being. It can be harder for people with dementia to reminisce on their own, and triggers are helpful. Memory boxes contain items which can bring people back to a pleasant & significant time in the past. Maister Lodge is planning for all patients to have their own memory box (shoe box sized), which the patient, staff, carers and families will have access to.

Example items include: Family photos; Artwork; Postcards; Baby toys/clothes; Recipes; Sheet music; Dried flowers; Letters; Books/holiday brochures; Things to fiddle with e.g. jewellery, puzzles, stress balls, stretchy toys; Crafts e.g. knitting; Items related to occupation – e.g. stethoscopes, building/farming toys, sponge/rubber gloves; Perfume.

Items can provide reassurance, helping patients feel orientated and calm. They can help with the recalling of fond memories of youth, personal interests, children or general history which can be a positive experience. Memory boxes will also exercise the use of touch and other senses, which people increasingly rely on as dementia progresses. Items in the boxes can inspire conversation between staff, patients, carers and families, as well as provide an insight into a person’s life, and a more in-depth understanding of the individual.

Maister lodge is seeking donations of any context to help provide this service and get the project up and running!


Ref: COW89
Wish Granted

Equipment for Horticultural Group

gloves and groups nippon gohsei

We are offering to clients with a learning disability the opportunity to engage in a weekly horticultural group at Townend Court.

We are hoping for support with the project, either in the form of equipment (i.e. gloves, tools, protective clothing / footwear) plants, (fruit or vegetable seeds), pots / seed trays, vouchers or donations; any of which would be kindly and gratefully received.


Ref: COW88
Wish Granted

Humber Centre Health&Well-being Hub

We are a new and developing service that aims to improve the health and well-being of both patients and staff in the service. We wish to resource an indoor and outdoor gym area with equipment. We would like to ensure we have the essential equipment and training to address some of the long term physical health conditions people experience; and the skills and resources to promote preventative measures, leading to a reduction in future health problems for both staff and patients.

Ref: COW87

Humber Centre Dining Experience

We are working with patients and staff to create a more pleasant, relaxed and sociable dining environment at the Humber Centre. The aim of the project is not only to improve the environment but also to extend food choices and promote healthier eating. It is hoped this will also help develop patient’s independence by breaking down barriers; encouraging social interaction and becoming part of a persons recovery pathway. We wish to buy furniture and fittings to feature in the new themed dining rooms which patients and staff are working together to decorate and paint in the style of an American diner, Italian bistro and coffee shop.

Ref: COW86

Sat Nav

The Driffield District Nursing Team would greatly benefit from a Sat Nav with UK & Ireland Maps to paid for by League of Friends.

Ref: COW85
Wish Granted

Recovery Room

To transform a room in Victoria House to be used as a Recovery Room – a space for art groups and mindfulness sessions. Currently the room is a bit run down so could use freshening up; art and crafts supplies, as well as storage are needed to organise the space; a projector and screen would be useful for displaying mindfulness videos and activities to groups. Overall, the room needs freshening up with plenty of new equipment so that people feel creative but at ease when entering the space.

Ref: COW26

Emotion carpet and cushions

Young people with learning disabilities often find it difficult to describe and talk about their emotions which assist care providers in understanding and being able to respond to their needs most appropriately. A colourful emotions carpet and set of cushions would encourage and support young people partaking in both group and individual work, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings using the visual prompts. The cohort of young people who would benefit from the use of this carpet include young persons in the LAC system, young offenders and those within the specialist educational provision.

Ref: COW84
Wish Granted

Contribution towards Food Safety course

A Food Safety Level 2 qualification would enable our client to gain the necessary up to date knowledge to give him a better chance of securing paid employment in the catering industry. A contribution of half the course costs would enable them to take the course at Hull Training & Adult Education.

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Ref: cow83
Wish Granted

Mobile Biometrics Unit

The community Stroke Team wish to provide upper limb and cognitive therapy intervention for patients recovering from strokes. A mobile biometrics unit is evidenced to have a positive impact on patient’s upper limb and cognitive functioning through repetitive, enjoyable and meaningful activity. The unit would be used across the Trust hospitals and GP practice areas such as Bridlington, Witherensea and Goole, as well as for the people who cannot access the clinic on the ward at Beverley.

Ref: cow81

Comfort items

We would like to be able to buy items such as newspapers, magazines and toiletries that would bring a level of comfort to patients during their stay on the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit ward in Bridlington.

Ref: COW79
Wish Granted

Kitchen equipment (Hawthorne Court)

Our patient’s ADL and rehabilitation kitchen at Hawthorne Court is in need of some modern kitchen equipment, such as a food processor, toaster, kettle and microwave. This would allow us to carry out assessments and therapeutic interventions as part of our service which will enhance the patient journey and help patients develop the skills for independent living.

Ref: COW76
Wish Granted

Pub lunch

ladies Who Lunch Lambwath

Ladies Who Lunch is a group for people with mental health conditions and dementia who are socially isolated. They meet twice a month in a Church Hall for lunch, quizzes and games. It would be nice to take the ladies out for a pub lunch locally as they don’t often have the chance to go out.

Ref: COW75
Wish Granted

Transport Costs

Transport costs from 26 October 2015 to 29 November 2016.

Provision of Transport for patients to attend Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This money was provided to the service for the sole purpose of providing transport for patients to attend the Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme.  This allows improved efficiency of service by aiding groups of patients to attend class rather than individual home sessions.


Ref: COW74
Wish Granted

Cafe Bistro

We would like to create a Café Bistro dining experience in Maister Lodge.

In order to introduce an ‘Afternoon Tea event’ every Tuesday afternoon, with a view to increasing to two afternoons each week. We would like:

o Plastic table clothes in dementia friendly colours
o Crockery including; cake stands, tea pots, cups, saucers and plates
o Chalk board to advertise themes
o Decorations such as bunting, wall stencils and table arrangements
o An old fashioned music player for a USB
o White pinnies


Ref: COW73

Afternoon Tea

Supported by volunteers, the Baking Group is a small group attended by people with memory problems. The group meet once a month to make simple recipes and reminisce. It would be a real treat for the group to go out for afternoon tea to not only have a change of scenery, but to also sample other peoples baking.


Ref: COW72
Wish Granted

Raffle prize

The Stroke Survivors Dinner and Dance is an annual event organised by Tracy Webb, a community support worker for the Humber NHS Foundation Trust, who helps individuals recover from strokes in East Yorkshire. Tracy pays for the event by fundraising but needs some donations she can use as raffle prizes. Ideally, the prizes will be items that patients can use and enjoy.

Ref: COW71
Wish Granted

Trip to the Wolds Way Owl Trust

The Friendship Group would like to take their members for a bird of prey experience with the Wolds Way Owl Trust. The group is for adults with Learning Disabilities, some of whom are socially isolated. This trip would allow members to try something completely new and exciting that otherwise, they would not have the opportunity to experience.


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Ref: COW70
Wish Granted

Team Building Afternoon

The PSYPHER team would like to wish for funding to carry out a team building afternoon following team development meeting in the morning. This day would be aimed to boost our team moral.
We have been through a lot of change over the past year striving to achieve the national standards for Early intervention and this has taken its toll on our team approach. We plan on having a team afternoon out taking part in the ‘Escape Rooms’ based in Hull to promote our ability to problem solve with a team approach.

Ref: COW69
Wish Granted

Snoezelen Stimulation Pack for Older Adults



We are requesting a pack which will provide many different items of sensory equipment.

It will benefit the patients on the ward through multi-sensory activity that the ward is unable to provide at the moment.

This pack is for use at Maister Lodge.

Ref: COW68
Wish Granted

Productive Stars awards

To support the Productive Series Awards Programme which recognises individual members of staff who have gone the extra mile during each module (3 monthly), I would like to ask for quarterly prizes (cinema vouchers) and certificates to be given to individuals at their teams’ quarterly workshops. There are currently 3 teams involved in the project; Mill View Lodge inpatient unit, Respiratory Services and East House (Bridlington & Driffield OPMH Team) and one corporate team (Positive Assets) have commenced one module.

Ref: COW78
Wish Granted

Hawthorne Court – Christmas Gifts for Patients

We would like £100 to buy Christmas presents for patients, many of whom will not receive any this year.

Ref: COW67
Wish Granted