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Dermatoscope for Market Weighton Practice

Please could we have a Dermatascope for Market Weighton Practice this will improve the service for patient referrals

Ref: COW Ref 431

Team day for CAMHS – Team 3

My wish is for some help towards a self-love activity for an amazing team in core CAMHS - Team 3. We work with complex cases day in, day out, and would really benefit from some team time to help with morale, self-care, wellbeing and team building. My parting gift for a team are EXTRA-ORDINARY! xx

Ref: COW Ref 432

Outdoor project at Bartholomew House, Goole

The wish is for Bartholomew House in Goole to benefit patients, relatives, carers and staff who visit the site. Bike Stand Plants in pots Bushes planted next to the car park and clinical waste depot to stop visitors cutting across the garden Bench/picnic table for visitors and staff to enjoy Thanks

Ref: COW ref 433

Refreshments for Junior Dr’s training sessions

Please could you grant us a wish of two packets of biscuits every Wednesday for the rest of 2019 for the medics, including higher trainees and junior doctors that attend the Postgraduate Wednesday Teaching at our Lecture Theatre.  The teaching starts at 9am and finishes at 12.15pm.

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Ref: COW ref 434
Wish Granted

Bench at Field House Surgery for Patients

Field House Surgery Primary Care. Garden bench requested by the PPG for patients to sit outside while waiting for taxi or lift. This will enhance the quality of service that FHS offer.

Ref: COW Ref 435

Humber Centre – Items for Therapeutic Kitchen

The patients at the Humber centre would really like some new kitchen equipment and utensils to enhance their therapeutic open access kitchen. The kitchen encourages their independent living skills. This includes pans, whisk, oven trays and utensils. Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 436

Patio Furniture for staff area at West hull CMHT

Would there be any possibility that funds can be gifted to the west hull community mental health team to improve an outdoor courtyard area. This would provide a nice environment for staff to take breaks and hopefully encourage team building, boost morale and be a place to relax within the team.

Ref: COW ref 429

Supplies for Driffield Allotment

We would like to request some further items for our allotment project.
We require the following:
1. Garden netting for the vegetables and fruit trees.
2. 3 x 10 litre watering cans
3. Garden canes ( various sizes )

These items will help us to manage the plot over the summer.

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Ref: COW Ref 427
Wish Granted

Staff team day for Hawthorn Court

Staff at Hawthorne Court are currently undergoing an immense period of change moving from who we are now to the new Complex Recovery Service. Team identity & cohesion are imperative and we want to offer staff a supportive team building day to revisit our strengths, talents and team vision. £450

Ref: COW ref 424

Boxing and exercise equipment for Westlands Inpatient Unit

This is for Westland's mental health unit , we would like a punch bag some exercise equipment for the ladies as we have nothing for fitness on the ward at all ,the patient will benefit from this as we all know from exercise does realise good endorphins

Ref: COW ref 423