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Staff comfort boxes for Westlands

Hi I would like to submit a wish for some items for a staff comfort box; baby wipes, hair brushes, bobbles, couple of spare t-shirts, sun screen, cooling mats/heat pads etc just a few things to help staff's comfort during high clinical activity. Thanks Cat

Ref: COW Ref 466

Dinning with Dignity

I am looking into funding for a training session for cooks in 24 hour care facilities. Part of the session plans to involve a chef in the private sector who specialises in diet modification for those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). For him to attend the session would be approximately £700.

Ref: COW Ref 465

Menopause Awareness

I have drafted a application, which I will e-mail to you separately

Ref: COW Ref 464

Replenish Stressless bags for CAMHs

We currently require a resupply of our stress-less bags stocks, I would appreciate it if you could provide the following: 50 x hot chocolate sachets 50 x brown paper bags 50 x small bottles of scented shower gel (lavender if possible), maybe travel size 50 x small bottles scented hand gel

Ref: COW Ref 462

Team building bowling day – Research Team

Research Team. We are planning on having a team building day (bowling and lunch) on 8 Aug 19. We plan to discuss how we can grow and improve upon the research that we do in the trust and look at ways we communicate with clinicians and patients. Any help towards the cost of the day would be wonderful

Ref: COW Ref 463

Fans for ER Pulmonary services

I wish to use East Riding Pulmonary Rehab charity fund to purchase 7 hand held fans to issue to our respiratory patients. Fans are known to help reduce breathlessness in respiratory patients. Sainsbury have some at present. These have a strong flow and can be used in 3 positions.

Ref: COW ref 458

Back Book for Scarborough and North Ryedale

Scarborough and North Ryedale The back book is an up to date an evidenced guide on self management plans for living with chronic low back pain. Copies of this can be given to patients for specific information.

Ref: COW ref 457

PS4 for Humber Centre Patients

The patients on Swale ward have asked me for a Play Station 4 for the ward. They have stated 'we would like for the ward to purchase a PS4 for activities on the ward when staff are unable to facilitate activities and to help with our social interactions to demonstrate the skills we have learnt'

Ref: COW ref 456

Fence paint for Haven Allotment

Haven allotment for clients with severe and enduring mental health Please could we have 2x5L Ducks back fence paint in green and 2x5L ducks back fence paint in cedar wood thank you

Ref: COW Ref 445

Mill View Court – Team Day

Mill view court team day13/09/19 Team building, learning experience, bonding, sharing new ideas, good practise and knowledge to enhance service users experience to promote mental wellbeing for all and to facilitate recovery. Both staff and service users will benefit from the experience. Kind regards

Ref: COW ref 442