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Christmas Presents for Patients at Whitby Hospital

Gift Donations

Would you be able to provide Christmas gifts for patients spending Christmas in Whitby Hospital

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Wish Granted

DBS Check

Positive Assets wish to support a client to gain paid employment by assisting with the payment of a DBS check to work within Humber NHS Foundation Trust (Flexible Workforce Team). This has become a barrier to their employment as the client is unable to fund this themselves and there is no alternative funding available in this instance.

Ref: COW122
Wish Granted

Benches for Trust HQ

The main courtyard at Trust HQ would benefit from two benches around the staff allotment. Having benches in this area would allow staff to be able to have a place to sit outside, eat their lunch or just take some time away from their desks.

donated benches 2donated benches

Ref: COW104
Wish Granted

Sat Nav

The Driffield District Nursing Team would greatly benefit from a Sat Nav with UK & Ireland Maps to paid for by League of Friends.

Ref: COW85
Wish Granted

Team Building Afternoon

The PSYPHER team would like to wish for funding to carry out a team building afternoon following team development meeting in the morning. This day would be aimed to boost our team moral.
We have been through a lot of change over the past year striving to achieve the national standards for Early intervention and this has taken its toll on our team approach. We plan on having a team afternoon out taking part in the ‘Escape Rooms’ based in Hull to promote our ability to problem solve with a team approach.

Ref: COW69
Wish Granted

Withernsea Hospital – Christmas Celebrations

Usual request for £200 towards gifts and Christmas Celebrations for patients who are on the Community Ward at Withernsea Hospital over the Christmas period 2016.

Ref: COW60
Wish Granted

Bridlington Ward – Christmas events

During month of December we have several activities planned on the unit.
We would like to provide Christmas gifts for inpatients, food treats over Christmas and New Year and diversional activities. We would also like to provide sherry and mince pies to accompany the choir visit and concert.

Ref: COW54
Wish Granted

Pennies from Heaven scheme – to benefit Health Stars

Some years ago we were able to participate in a donation scheme through payroll called “Pennies From Heaven”. Payroll took a maximum of 99p per month (maximum £11.88 per annum) from your salary and the proceeds were donated to the chosen charity. I’d like to see this type of donation benefitting our own charitable funds. Is this something that payroll can facilitate?

Ref: COW32
Wish Granted