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Membership and Governance Info Video

It is really important that we have the correct tools available to spread the message about Governance and membership of the Trust. I would to like create an information video which will be used at the AMM and at lots of other Trust events which highlights what it means to be a Member of the Trust, what the Governs are liable for and the important role the public play within Humber.

Ref: COW Ref 277

Theatre Trip for Friendship Group

The Friendship Group consists of many group members who are socially isolated. Some have little or no family to spend time with at Christmas. We would like to take them for a trip to the theatre in December, to see Oliver at Hull Truck.

Ref: COW 276

Metal Paint to brighten up Ex Smoking Shelters

For lots and lots of Metal Paint to brighten up the smoking shelters when the Trust go smokefree on the 1st October 2018. These shelters will be used for somewhere for the patients to sit outside.

Ref: COW ref 275

Equipment for Mindfullness for stress and health course

The wish is for Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit, Hull. I have recently been accredited as a mindfulness teacher and wish to run mindfulness for stress and health courses. I need equipment to support this. We also wish to run gardening and arts groups to support rehabilitation.

Ref: COW Ref 274

Dart Board for the Humber Centre

Hi, we would love a dartboard for one of the wards. Our dartboard has broken and it really was fab for socialising.

Ref: COW Ref 272

New Pool Table Cloth for Newbridges

We currently have several rips in our pool table cloth and were wondering if it would be possible to have it re covered by Health Stars please; if this is possible we would be especially grateful as patients and staff use the pool table every day as part of our social activities.

Ref: COW REF 268

Electronic Screen in GP waiting area

Humber have recently taken over the Princess Medical Centre on Princess Ave. This area is very diverse with over 20 languages spoken by the patients. We would like an electronic info screen in the reception area and to make this whole area more patient friendly.

Ref: COW REF 267

Fruit for Patient and Staff Conference

The Humber Centre is part of the Yorkshire and Humber regional involvement group. We are putting on a conference for 150 staff and patients on Sept 18th at the Wakefield miners museum. Funds have been raised and no one needs to pay to attend. It would be great if Health Stars could help us by providing fruit and sweets for the delegates attending on the day.

Ref: COW 266

Aromatherapy aids for CAMHS – Lava Bracelets, aroma pendants and sticks

Please can I make a wish for some more bits and bobs to enhance my aromatherapy practice :) I really need Lava bracelet,s aroma pendants, some 1ml little bottles. I have been trialling aroma sticks as well and have found these really popular. Thank you so much I appreciate all your help. Debs x

Ref: COW Ref 264
Wish Granted

Healthy Eating Plates for Dietitians

Dietitans support children with obesity. Information provided currently is written and unsuitable for these patients. We are wishing for as many healthy eating plates as possible, they are ideal for encouraging children to eat well.

Ref: COW ref 263