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Equipment for group therapy for the Stroke rehabilitation unit

Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit. This equipment will support the delivery of mindfulness and gardening groups at the stroke unit and create a more relaxed atmosphere. The groups are to enhance cognitive, physical, sensory, communication and emotional skills to support recovery following stroke.

Ref: COW Ref 381

Update shared Art room for Mill View Court and Lodge

Mill View (both Lodge & Court) would like to come together and update the shared Art Room to a more usable and pleasant space for service users. We would love some new chairs, tables and a fresh coat of paint to the walls as the current environment is unsuitable.
Many thanks.

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Ref: COW ref 380

Escape rooms team building for legislation department

Mental Health Legislation Department, Trust HQ would like to access some funds for them to have some team building out of the office. The would love to do this within one of the Escape Rooms in Hull which help us all to work together and develop our communication skills to achieve the same goals.

Ref: COW ref 379

DJ Workshop for PSYPHER

We have wished for a DJ workshop with DJ Santino. It will be an opportunity for clients to engage with music, build social networks, learn new skills and build confidence. At the end of the workshop they will have the opportunity to progress further to other projects, a career, and qualifications.

Ref: COW ref 378

Kit Car project for CAMHS

Funding for the CAMHS kit car project, paying for the bodywork, race entry fees and petrol costs. This project helps build confidence and social skills with socially isolated young people with mental health problems through working together to construct and race a kit car.

Ref: COW ref 377

Emotional Wellbeing Service team day

On 28th February the Emotional Wellbeing Service are have a team building day. We are expecting about 36 people to attend. So far we only have ideas about what we want do. It would be beneficial if we can have the support from health stars to fund the activity.

Ref: COW Ref 373
Wish Granted

Cervical Screening Anatomic Model for GP practices

Cervical Screening Sample takers (within our HTFT GP practices) would like to be able to have access to educational Anatomic Modules of the uterus, to be able to demonstrate to and educate patients the process of taking a cervical sample.

Ref: COW ref 371

Aromatherapy stick inhalers for CAMHS

I would like to make a wish for some aroma stick inhalers for the young people I work with in CAMHS. they have proved to be very popular with the young people to be able to continue there treatment outside of the aroma room. the feed back is that they are easy to carry around and discreet to use :)

Ref: COW ref 370
Wish Granted

Hairdressing Head for Hawthorn Court Rehabilitation Hospital

I work at the Hawthorne Court Rehabilitation Hospital and I thought that we could use a hairdressers head so that the patients could learn to style their own hair and each others and it could help in their care of themselves and is an activity they have asked for while as an inpatient.

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Ref: COW Ref 369
Wish Granted

The Staff Engagement Fund – Get involved!

The Health Stars Staff Engagement Fund  has been created for Humber Staff to encourage team building, motivation and to help to create a feel good atmosphere across the Trust. ALL staff are urged to submit their wishes for things such as improved workplaces, group activities outside the working day and things that will help motivate and make teams feel good about themselves and the work they are undertaking at the Trust – which will ultimately have a long lasting positive impact on our patients and service users.

Some recent examples of the fund being put to good use has been yoga sessions for LD staff, a meal out for a full team following a motivational walking session and a team away day.  These wishes have all been granted thanks to the Staff Engagement fund and have had lasting benefits including increased motivation, team working and pride.  It has also highlighted the amazing work going on across the Trust and the amazing staff doing great things every day.

The Staff engagement  fund has been credited with money raised following fundraising events by CEO Michele Moran including the longest day golf challenge and the more recent 12 hour on a treadmill.

Accessing the fund is just like any other fund zone, through the circle of wishes.