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Lawn Mower for Allotment group

Please could you provide us with 2 lawn mowers and a strimmer for our allotment group. Homebase do the following: Ozito power X Change 18V cordless strimmer and a 2x 18V cordless lawn mower Kit: SKU: 389079 Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 256

Mens Group trip to Bondville Model Village and afternoon tea

Voluntary Services would like to take our men's group out for the day to Bondville Model Village and afternoon tea.

Ref: COW REF 239
Wish Granted

Friendship Group Day Trip

The Friendship group would love the opportunity to have a day out, with the support of volunteers. They thoroughly enjoyed their trip last year, with one person saying it was the best day of her life. They have expressed an interest in going to the Bridlington Bird of Prey centre with a light lunch.

Ref: COW REF 238
Wish Granted

Afternoon Bowling for the Friendship Group

The staff and volunteers who run the Friendship group, for isolated people with learning disabilities, would like to take them out for the afternoon to do an activity which they don't usually have the opportunity to participate in; such as bowling.

Ref: COW 205

Christmas Gifts for Voluntary Services Outreach Groups

PresentsVoluntary Services outreach groups will each be having a Christmas celebration. We would love to help make the day extra special by providing a small Christmas gift for the attendees as they are isolated and may not have other family.

Ref: COW174
Wish Granted

Healthy Snacks for Voluntary Services

Voluntary services runs a number of outreach social groups for people who are lonely and isolated. We would like to provide healthy snacks such as fruit for the attendees to encourage a healthy lifestyle as part of the groups aims.

Ref: COW139

Arts & Crafts Group Pub Lunch

The Arts and Crafts group meet fortnightly to socialise and do something creative. They are a group of people with memory problems who don’t get much opportunity to socialise and are at risk of loneliness and isolation. We would love to take them for a carvery, so that they have the chance to do something that most of us take for granted – a nice lunch with their friends.

Ref: COW116
Wish Granted

Humber Social Fish & Chips

volunteer minibus 1

Humber Social are a group of older people who are at risk of loneliness and isolation. They would love a trip to the seaside for fish and chips; a chance to relax with their friends and have a fun day out.

Ref: COW115
Wish Granted

Defibrillators for Voluntary Services minibuses

Voluntary Services offer a transport service through our volunteer drivers project. It is rapidly expanding and we are carrying passengers with a variety of needs. Our drivers are currently going through first aid and defibrillator training, therefore we require defibrillators on our two buses which will improve the care and safety of our passengers.

Ref: COW105

Pub lunch

ladies Who Lunch Lambwath

Ladies Who Lunch is a group for people with mental health conditions and dementia who are socially isolated. They meet twice a month in a Church Hall for lunch, quizzes and games. It would be nice to take the ladies out for a pub lunch locally as they don’t often have the chance to go out.

Ref: COW75
Wish Granted