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Specialist Equipment

Funding to make a video for clients using the CITOP service (Crisis and Intervention Team for Older People)

The Clinical Psychology department raised some money for Health Stars last year and I wondered whether we would be able to use this money to pay one of our service users to make a film about our other service users that could be used in a number of different ways. The first, for them (the service users) to present to the board about the work that is being done. The second is to help other service users (particularly at the beginning of their journey). The third is to promote the fact that older people suffer with mental health problems and often their voice is ignored. Thanks in advance.

Ref: COW Ref 249

Funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for completing a full year of treatment for Humber DBT

Humber DBT is a small service providing specialist therapy for clients who self-harm and have suicidal behaviours. We need funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for clients who complete the full year of treatment.

Ref: COW Ref 248

Help with funding the prospectus for the Recovery College

Please could you help with funding our Prospectus and finding a venue for the launch event in Sept.

Ref: COW Ref 246
Wish Granted

6 E-Stim Units for Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service

Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service would like 6 e-stim units for use with patients who have subluxed shoulders following stroke. These units can also be used in stretching programmes and also in re-educating movement.

Ref: COW REF 242

Portable Bladder Scanner for Whitby

We require 2 portable bladder scanner for Whitby hospital, working closely with Whitby League of Friends to be able to fund this specialist equipment

Ref: COW Ref 232

Flexible skeleton joints to aid patients understand their exercises

The two MSK practitioners with our GP practices are committed to patient education and teaching patients to self care. Therefore we would love to be able to show patients models of ” Flexible knee, hip, lumber spine, and an articulated arm Skelton joints (all with ligaments!) to aid patients understanding and compliance with regards to exercises that are given.

Ref: COW189
Wish Granted

Handheld ECG Machine

My wish is for a handheld ECG machine for Northpoint Medical Practice. The service has over 100 patients in care or nursing homes and have no means of doing an ECG unless they can get into the surgery or be taken directly to the hospital for admission.

A handheld ECG machine would reduce unnecessary admissions to local hospitals as the team could perform the test for any slight chest pains in the comfort of their home, without causing distress. The patient could then be taken to hospital if necessary. It would be a huge benefit in helping with the care of the residents in their homes.

Ref: COW169

Driving Assessments for Older People’s Mental Health Services

To be able to fund the cost of an assessment by the Regional Driving Assessment Centre for patients with mental health problems that may effect their ability to continue to drive.
Many people with early dementia, because of the nature of the condition, face the prospect of not driving. This can have a devastating effect on their lives. Currently, upon diagnosis, patients are requested to inform the DVLA of their diagnosis, this often results in them losing their licence. There is the facility to undertake a driving assessment that gives the person the decision as to whether or not they are able to continue to drive, rather that relying on a cognitive function test that does not specifically look at this area of function.  For many people a driving assessment will be too expensive and they will either stop driving when they don’t need to or continue to drive and not inform the DVLA.

If access to this service could be supported via funding from Health Stars it would enable more patients to have this assessment and either continue to drive or be requested not to drive by the DVLA. If not driving is the outcome it will be easier to accept if the person has undergone a specific test. I am asking on behalf of the Older People’s Mental Health Services in Bridlington/Driffield and Holderness if there could be support for patients with the cost of this assessment via Heath Stars.

Ref: COW160

Mobile Biometrics Unit

The community Stroke Team wish to provide upper limb and cognitive therapy intervention for patients recovering from strokes. A mobile biometrics unit is evidenced to have a positive impact on patient’s upper limb and cognitive functioning through repetitive, enjoyable and meaningful activity. The unit would be used across the Trust hospitals and GP practice areas such as Bridlington, Witherensea and Goole, as well as for the people who cannot access the clinic on the ward at Beverley.

Ref: cow81

Comfort items

We would like to be able to buy items such as newspapers, magazines and toiletries that would bring a level of comfort to patients during their stay on the Macmillan Wolds/GP Unit ward in Bridlington.

Ref: COW79
Wish Granted