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Specialist Equipment

Speech and Language therapy APP for children

The East Riding SLT Team wish to purchase relevant apps to include in the therapy activities within a session. Children who have difficulties with understanding and using language to communicate will benefit from these apps. The 'Articulation Station' app is £54.99 Black Sheep programmes are £84.50

Ref: COW Ref 338

SenSit Chair for CTLD The CTLD Occupational Therapy Team would like to submit a wish for a Sensit chair. The equipment would be used by the team to perform interventions and assessments for service users with sensory needs.

Ref: COW Ref 337

Defibrillator for Peeler House GP

Peeler House Surgery in Hessle does not have a Defibrillator. This machine is usually in GP practices and is used to save lives. Defibrillation is a treatment for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias. Hessle has a population of 15000

Ref: COW Ref 335

Memory Boxes for children and teenagers relating to Cancer.

East Riding of Yorkshire Macmillan Team require a quantity of Memory boxes for children and teenagers relating to cancer its treatment, death, dying and bereavement. From Winstons wish. 12 x each variety - white, forget me not and skyscrape

Ref: COW Ref 280
Wish Granted

Splashy Chair for Children’s OT

Assessment equipment for Children's Occupational Therapy. It will enable prompt and effective assessment using a piece of bathing equipment. This will provide an improved level of service for clients and will improve the efficiency of assessment.

Ref: Cow Ref 284
Wish Granted

Large Calendar Wall Clock

We would like a large calendar wall clock for Mill View Lodge lounge to help our patients be orientated to date, time and year, enable people with limited vision, memory difficulties or cognitive difficulties to see.
(Velleman WCF1GB Flipping Calendar Wall Clock, Multi-Colour, 31 x 31 cm from Amazon

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Ref: COW ref 288

Drip stands for Ryedale Hub

Within the Ryedale hub we care for patients who require sub-cut fluids at home, this can prevent hospital admissions. we have to rely on borrowing a drip stand from out community hospital which is not appropriate. my wish is for each hub to have a drip stand of our own

Ref: Cow Ref 283

Healthy Eating Plates for Dietitians

Dietitans support children with obesity. Information provided currently is written and these patients. We are wishing for as many healthy eating plates as possible, they are ideal for encouraging children to eat well.


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Ref: COW ref 263
Wish Granted

Ipods for use with a mobile ECG

We are working as part of a project with the CCG on early diagnoses of patient with Atrial Fibrillation (AF). Catching patients early leads to better outcomes ie reduce the risk of strokes/heart attacks .. In order to do this we'll need 8 IPods/iPads to use with our mobile ECG.

Ref: COW Ref 258
Wish Granted

Single use banana slide sheets

Bridlington Community Nursing Team would like some single use banana slide sheets for Palliative home based patients please.

Ref: COW REF 243
Wish Granted