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Specialist Equipment

Postural Management Bed

Our wish is to be able to provide an Acheeva Bed at Granville Court to support 24 hour postural management. Individuals who live at Granville have complex postural needs and the bed would support positional changes whilst enabling continued participation in activities in communal areas of the home.

Ref: CoW 509

Everyday Object Colourcards for Speech Therapy

Our wish is for a box of Everyday Object Colourcards. The cards are used within Speech Therapy sessions to help patients with expressive dysphasia to work towards goals. The cards will be used in the rehab unit for daily therapy.

Ref: CoW 498

Bereavement Cards

To fund printing of bereavement cards to support the new bereavement brochures given to bereaved families by our Community Services in Scarborough, Ryedale, Whitby, Pocklington and GP Practices. This package enhances services by linking with families to ensure they are as well supported as they need

Ref: COW Ref 476

Tablets for Children’s physiotherapy

4 tablets (and cases) childrens physiotherapy team which can be used in clinic with families and young people to highlight appropriate websites when trying to undertake education or discussions around their care. These could be used by the children in clinics to occupy them during long assessments

Ref: CoW 452

Dermatoscope for Market Weighton Practice

Please could we have a Dermatascope for Market Weighton Practice this will improve the service for patient referrals

Ref: COW Ref 431

Jigsaw Board for inpatients at Mill View lodge

Please can we have a jigsaw board for our patients at Mill View lodge, they love doing jigsaws but we don't have the space to store them until complete.

Ref: COW ref 418
Wish Granted

Medical journal display case

Hello, please can I wish for a book case, or display unit for some 19 century medical journals for display in the new lecture theatre. Many thanks

Ref: COW ref 403

3 x Alive Corr’s for ECG readings for North Point GP

North point surgery would like 3 “Alive Corr  to use with Smart phone apps to be able to take ECGs reading when visiting housebound patients within the community or undertaking an opportunistic reading on patients attending clinics with AF or heart Failure

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Ref: COW ref 400
Wish Granted

Walking Equipment for Humber Centre Group

I run a walking group for service users at the Humber Centre, the group provides physical exercise that contributes to improvements in physical and mental symptoms, we offer two groups long walk and short walk, we are in desperate need of some walking gear, boots, jackets etc any help would be great

Ref: COW ref 393

Cervical Screening Anatomic Model for GP practices

Cervical Screening Sample takers (within our HTFT GP practices)  would like to be able to have access to educational Anatomic Modules of the uterus, to be able to demonstrate to and educate patients the process of taking a cervical sample.

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Ref: COW ref 371
Wish Granted