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Holistic Therapies

Equipment for group therapy for the Stroke rehabilitation unit

Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit. This equipment will support the delivery of mindfulness and gardening groups at the stroke unit and create a more relaxed atmosphere. The groups are to enhance cognitive, physical, sensory, communication and emotional skills to support recovery following stroke.

Ref: COW Ref 381

Update shared Art room for Mill View Court and Lodge

Mill View (both Lodge & Court) would like to come together and update the shared Art Room to a more usable and pleasant space for service users. We would love some new chairs, tables and a fresh coat of paint to the walls as the current environment is unsuitable.
Many thanks.

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Ref: COW ref 380

DJ Workshop for PSYPHER

We have wished for a DJ workshop with DJ Santino. It will be an opportunity for clients to engage with music, build social networks, learn new skills and build confidence. At the end of the workshop they will have the opportunity to progress further to other projects, a career, and qualifications.

Ref: COW ref 378

Cordless saw for Haven Allotment

The wish is for Haven allotment group please can the money be taken out of our personal account from our recent donation.

Ozito cordless reciprocating saw from Home base please

thank you

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Ref: COW ref 376
Wish Granted

Top Soil for Rosedale Community unit

I applied for and won a wild flower seed set gift from Grow Wilde, so that we can plant them in our community garden at Rosedale. The group want to sew the seeds around what used be an old old swamp, but it needs 'filling in' a bit. Our wish is for 2/3 tons of top soil to fill it in for the seeds

Ref: Cow Ref 372
Wish Granted

Gardening equipment for Haven Allotment

I run a community allotment group for people who experience severe and enduring mental health problems, provides an opportunity to learn new skills, social interaction, structure and routine, confidence.

8 large bags compost
2 electric screwdrivers
10 seed trays
10 large sheets of tarpauline

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Ref: COW Ref 364
Wish Granted

Grow lamp for the Humber Centre polytunnel

We would like a grown lamp for  the poly tunnel at the Humber Centre to allow us to allow the patients to grow more crops this year.  The allotment project is a vital part of many patients treatment plans.

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Ref: COW ref 354
Wish Granted

Sensory garden for the Humber Centre

To install a sensory garden with various fixtures and fittings with a variety of plants a large pond for small koi carp and to install a small water feature maybe a fountain or a cascading water fall, patients from all wards can use the area for a relaxation area to visit

Ref: COW Ref 345

Pool table for Newbridges

A pool table. I currently work at Newbridges Hospital and recently we had our current pool table destroyed. This has led to our patients feeling bored and lost with noting to do. We would really help our unit and provide entertainment for the patients in our care.

Ref: COW ref 342

Bongo drums for Humber Centre

We are looking for bongos – as a way of engaging patients with music, emotional regulation, and fun!

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Ref: COW Ref 341
Wish Granted