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Table Tennis Table for Swale Ward

We would like to be considered for the provision of a table tennis table on Swale ward. The patients have a pool table but our table tennis table is broken. Several of the patients used to enjoy playing table tennis and this fosters a good atmosphere and is good exercise.

Ref: CoW 497

Memory Boxes & Books for McMillan Team

Our wish is for a variety of books from Winstons wish , memory boxes and some books from Amazon for the East Riding Macmillan Team. Thank you.

Ref: CoW 496
Wish Granted

Gym Equipment for Patients

A number of patients who consistently use the Humber Centre gym have requested new equipment to improve their sessions. One patient has composed a letter on behalf of other gym users to this effect. I am enquiring about funding for gym equipment to improve mental and physical health.

Ref: COW 487

OT Climbing Group – Rosedale

We are asking if you can fund the entrance fee for 8 adults to an Occupational Therapy climbing group for 20 weeks. This would help to foster social interaction, self esteem, confidence and provide quicker results in mental health services. This would offer a new and exciting, evidence based opportunity to vulnerable adults.

Ref: COW 490

Compost Bin for Gardening Group

Provision of a compost bin for the patient poly tunnel gardening project at Humber Centre.

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Ref: COW 501
Wish Granted

Football Kit for Patients

With our football team growing and with more services users want to join in, it would be massively beneficial for the service users to wear a proper football kit to make them feel part of a team and help with their confidence and self-esteem. We would need 20 new full kits to fulfil this.

Ref: COW 502

Allotment supplies for Haven Allotment

The allotment group is for clients with severe and enduring mental health issues. The group provides meaningful structure, social opportunities and a place to learn new skills. We would like to request the provision of 3 buckets, spring bulbs, 1 ton of top soil, 7 large bags of compost, 10 litres of masonary paint in terracotta or green.

Ref: COW 505

Craft Materials for Angel Festival

To develop an Angel Festival this Christmas. To provide arts and crafts materials for our patients and service users (including Recovery College students) to create Angels for the Angel Festival in December.

Ref: CoW 485

Wanda Canton workshop for Humber Centre

Reference: My wish is for funds to bring Wanda Canton into the Humber Centre for a Spoken Word workshop. I believe this will have a positive impact on patient recovery. I have full details of her different courses/workshops and prices should you require them. Thankyou

Ref: COW ref 437

Boxing and exercise equipment for Westlands Inpatient Unit

This is for Westland's mental health unit , we would like a punch bag some exercise equipment for the ladies as we have nothing for fitness on the ward at all ,the patient will benefit from this as we all know from exercise does realise good endorphins

Ref: COW ref 423