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New Shed and Wheel Barrows for Gardening group

We really need a new shed (8ft x 10ft) and wheel barrow (or 2) for our gardening group. As with everything within the group, we have repaired and patched up but now beyond repair. We have 1 wheel barrow left now so a new shed (flat packed is fine), will be able to rehouse a new one or 2. Thank you x

Ref: COW Ref 293

Craft supplies for PSYPHER art group

The PSYPHER Art group would like to make a wish for funds to replenish their stock for arts and crafts supplies as we are running low. We were hoping to visit the Scrap store to purchase Craft materials for Halloween and Christmas this year. This would be greatly appreciated by our service users.

Ref: COW ref 287

Equipment for Mindfullness for stress and health course

The wish is for Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit, Hull. I have recently been accredited as a mindfulness teacher and wish to run mindfulness for stress and health courses. I need equipment to support this. We also wish to run gardening and arts groups to support rehabilitation.

Ref: COW Ref 274

Fencing for therapeutic Allotment in Driffield

Urgently needed: Fencing for our new therapeutic allotment in Driffield. Currently the fencing around the site is unsafe and crumbling. Please can our Allotment group make a wish for new fences and a new gate for 3 sides of our plot - we are happy to paint them once in place!

Ref: COW Ref 265

Aromatherapy aids for CAMHS – Lava Bracelets, aroma pendants and sticks

Please can I make a wish for some more bits and bobs to enhance my aromatherapy practice 🙂 I really need Lava bracelet,s aroma pendants, some 1ml little bottles. I have been trialling aroma sticks as well and have found these really popular. Thank you so much I appreciate all your help.


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Ref: COW Ref 264
Wish Granted

Request for Garden maintenance at Bridlington Hospital

May we request to reinstate gardener (Graham Pickard) to maintain the Macmillan Wolds Unit gardens - the area is used regularly for patients waiting to see various clinicians and have deteriorated greatly since Graham stopped coming every Wednesday.

Ref: COW Ref 260
Wish Granted

Funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for completing a full year of treatment for Humber DBT

Humber DBT is a small service providing specialist therapy for clients who self-harm and have suicidal behaviours. We need funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for clients who complete the full year of treatment.

Ref: COW Ref 248

Stress-Less Bags for CAMHS

Supplies for our Stress Less Bags for the CAMHS Crisis Team

Ref: COW Ref 234
Wish Granted

Social Therapeutic Horticultural Space in Driffield

We are starting up a Social Therapeutic Horticultural Space in Driffield and hope to invite clients very soon. Our WISH is to get going. We need: A shed and base, a large amount of sharp sand and some repairs to the boundary fence and gate. Please can you help us make this space safe and secure.

Ref: COW 222


We would like to submit a WISH -to host an event to celebrate the NHS -BIG 7TEA . A "Garden Party" in our Therapeutic Garden in Bridlington in July. The event to include tombola, Café, stalls and games run by members of the group with support from staff. Please can you help with some raffle prizes?

Ref: COW 225
Wish Granted