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Call for involvement in Whitby Hospital and Gardens renovation and fundraising

The Whitby Hospital and Gardens renovation is now well underway. Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust is asking for people from the local community to get involved and have their say. Task and finish groups address several areas of the project, from Garden and Landscaping to Naming the Wards.

These groups comprise of individuals from many different backgrounds, including corporate and clinical NHS staff, local businesses and members of the public. Anyone with an interest in the development of the hospital and gardens is welcome to join.

Caroline Walker, HCA on the Whitby Hospital Ward, said: “I joined the group so that hospital staff would have a voice. It is important to me that we involve members from all areas of the community, to have their say in the refurbishment and future of our local hospital.”

Over the last few months, both internal and external renovations have produced significant change, which is now apparent from the surrounding grounds. Moving forwards, the next few weeks will see the progression of high level roof works, steelwork to the new extension and the link bridge structure, as well as ongoing internal works.

Health Stars, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s charity, is leading the task and finish groups, including the fundraising appeal for the hospital.

Fundraising Manager, Kristina Poxon, said: “We’re really excited to be launching the appeal for Whitby Hospital. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to raise £200,000 to add sparkle to the hospital over and above what the NHS can provide.”

Health Stars has also recently welcomed Judith Wakefield, as Whitby Hospital Appeal Coordinator. Judith’s experience in the area is expected to equip her with the local and professional knowledge to elevate this special project.

The team would need people from the local community to get involved and help fundraise to meet this target.

The Whitby groups are also proud to announce that Doff Pollard has been re-elected as Governor on the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Whitby Board for another 3 years.

She said; “I feel it is a privilege to be elected as the Governor for Whitby. My motivation is to acknowledge and pay back for what the hospital and all the staff gave me when I needed it. I want to be available to listen to the voices within the community, to take them up and get them heard and, where possible, use them to influence the way forward.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Whitby groups or fundraising for the local hospital, or you have questions about the project, please contact Health Stars.  .

Cue for Pool Table

We would like to ask for a pool Cue. We have no Cue for our pool table.

Ref: CoW 512

Decorative Enhancements – College House

We merged two adult and one older adult CMHT into College House. Although the treatment rooms, reception and hallway were newly decorated they feel sterile and cold. We would like to use pictures, shelving and plants to warm up the environment to make the place welcoming for our patients and carers.

Ref: CoW 508

Benches for Avondale

Our wish is for the patients to have access to seating in the communal garden area. We envisage 3 x robust garden benches that can be bolted to the cement floor, hardwearing for all weather as they will be outside all year round. We have to provide seating for 14 people.

Ref: CoW 483

BBQ and Garden Games for Hawthorn Court Rehab

Hawthorne court inpatient unit. Request for a coal BBQ and some outdoors games - We would like to request these items to increase the activity engagement opportunities on the unit. This will allow us to run groups and build on peoples skills such as collaboration, social skills and self esteem

Ref: COW 468

Enhancement of visiting room for Humber Centre

As part of our reducing restrictions group we are trying to make our visit room more accessible for children. we would like to either request a TV and games console or support to help us fundraise for these which we would do in collaboration with patients and cares/those that visit them.

Ref: COW Ref 480

Outdoor project at Bartholomew House, Goole

The wish is for Bartholomew House in Goole to benefit patients, relatives, carers and staff who visit the site. Bike Stand Plants in pots Bushes planted next to the car park and clinical waste depot to stop visitors cutting across the garden Bench/picnic table for visitors and staff to enjoy Thanks

Ref: COW ref 433
Wish Granted

Humber Centre – Items for Therapeutic Kitchen

The patients at the Humber centre would really like some new kitchen equipment and utensils to enhance their therapeutic open access kitchen. The kitchen encourages their independent living skills. This includes pans, whisk, oven trays and utensils. Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 436
Wish Granted

Patio furniture for Hull East CMHT at The Grange

Please can I request a wish to support the patients and staff to enhance their use of the patio area at Hull East CMHT, based at The Grange. There is a large patio area at the back of the building which could be utilised if there was some sturdy patio furniture that the staff and patients could util

Ref: COW ref 425

Blackboard wallpaper for Safe wards notice board at Humber Centre

This wish is for blackboard self-adhesive wall paper and chalk pens to write on it with. We are freshening up the ward social room, and have seen an excellent Safewards picture of using these to ensure patients are up to date and informed of what is going on, on the ward and in the hospital.

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Ref: COW Ref 419
Wish Granted