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100 x Pavers for shed base for the Allotment

Please could you try to purchase around 100 pavers 45x45 cm, this is for our allotment group in order to make the pathways safe and to put our new donated shed on as a base. The is for people with and enduring mental health problems, it provides social contact and an opportunity to learn new skills

Ref: COW Ref 317

Christmas Lights for ERCH

Christmas tree lights for the tree in the main reception at Erch , the ones we had donated have broken and a Christmas tree without lights isn't very welcoming for all the visitors coming in over the Christmas period. the tree we had donated is over 7th tall. Many thanks

Ref: COW Ref 316
Wish Granted

Equipment and Toys for babies at group session for Hornsea Health team

At Hornsea Cottage hospital linked to Beverley ISPHNs team we are looking to build on toys, to help alongside our 3-4 month groups & 1&2 year reviews. Helping to support children's development and enable observations & support. We are looking for foam mats, Rattles and Argos 2 for £30 toys.

Ref: COW Ref 308

New Shed and Wheel Barrows for Gardening group

We really need a new shed (8ft x 10ft) and wheel barrow (or 2) for our gardening group. As with everything within the group, we have repaired and patched up but now beyond repair. We have 1 wheel barrow left now so a new shed (flat packed is fine), will be able to rehouse a new one or 2. Thank you x

Ref: COW Ref 293

Ground rent for allotment for Humber Centre patients

Please could Health Stars pay for the rent on the allotment that is used by the patients from the Humber Centre on a weekly basis? The allotment allows patients time away from the unit in a therapeutic environment and provides some respite for those living here.

Ref: COW ref 289
Wish Granted

Membership and Governance Info Video

It is really important that we have the correct tools available to spread the message about Governance and membership of the Trust. I would to like create an information video which will be used at the AMM and at lots of other Trust events which highlights what it means to be a Member of the Trust, what the Governs are liable for and the important role the public play within Humber.

Ref: COW Ref 277
Wish Granted

Metal Paint to brighten up Ex Smoking Shelters

For lots and lots of Metal Paint to brighten up the smoking shelters when the Trust go smokefree on the 1st October 2018. These shelters will be used for somewhere for the patients to sit outside.

Ref: COW ref 275

Dart Board for the Humber Centre

Hi, we would love a dartboard for one of the wards. Our dartboard has broken and it really was fab for socialising.

Ref: COW Ref 272
Wish Granted

New Pool Table Cloth for Newbridges

We currently have several rips in our pool table cloth and were wondering if it would be possible to have it re covered by Health Stars please; if this is possible we would be especially grateful as patients and staff use the pool table every day as part of our social activities.

Ref: COW REF 268

Electronic Screen in GP waiting area

Humber have recently taken over the Princess Medical Centre on Princess Ave. This area is very diverse with over 20 languages spoken by the patients. We would like an electronic info screen in the reception area and to make this whole area more patient friendly.

Ref: COW REF 267