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Outdoor project at Bartholomew House, Goole

The wish is for Bartholomew House in Goole to benefit patients, relatives, carers and staff who visit the site. Bike Stand Plants in pots Bushes planted next to the car park and clinical waste depot to stop visitors cutting across the garden Bench/picnic table for visitors and staff to enjoy Thanks

Ref: COW ref 433

Humber Centre – Items for Therapeutic Kitchen

The patients at the Humber centre would really like some new kitchen equipment and utensils to enhance their therapeutic open access kitchen. The kitchen encourages their independent living skills. This includes pans, whisk, oven trays and utensils. Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 436

Patio furniture for Hull East CMHT at The Grange

Please can I request a wish to support the patients and staff to enhance their use of the patio area at Hull East CMHT, based at The Grange. There is a large patio area at the back of the building which could be utilised if there was some sturdy patio furniture that the staff and patients could util

Ref: COW ref 425

Blackboard wallpaper for Safe wards notice board at Humber Centre

This wish is for blackboard self-adhesive wall paper and chalk pens to write on it with. We are freshening up the ward social room, and have seen an excellent Safewards picture of using these to ensure patients are up to date and informed of what is going on, on the ward and in the hospital. Thanks

Ref: COW Ref 419

2 x Bean bags for Mill View Court to enable relaxation

Mill View Court would like some beanbags to add to the seating available in the lounge, to enable relaxation.

Ref: COW Ref 417

Relocation of service – Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD

Help with relocation costs to provide a better &improved environment in line with infection prevention/improve waiting times/increase in service provision for adults and children within the York/Humber area within Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD.Costings & info are available if required

Ref: COW Ref 415

Garden maintenance for Bridlington hospital

Gardening maintenance for Bridlington hospital

Ref: COW ref 389
Wish Granted

Picnic Benches for College house

We have a number of staff relocating to College House.  To welcome them and to enhance the environment and general staff health and well being we would like  some picnic benches to go on the lawn outside so that staff have an area to sit in the summer months to be able take a break.


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Ref: COW ref 387
Wish Granted

Shed for Granville Court

we urgenty need a new shed to store our residents belongings in as the existing ones leak and are not upto infection control standards. We have sourced the cheapest one available at

Ref: COW ref 385

Ground rent for Humber Centre Alloment

The Humber Centre has an allotment in Skirlaugh, where the patients go for much valued time away from the unit. Here they learn basic gardening skills, growing lovely fresh vegetables. I would like to request the rent is paid by HealthStars for the patients. This is £200 and is due 1st May 2019.

Ref: COW Ref 361
Wish Granted