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Ground rent for Humber Centre Alloment

The Humber Centre has an allotment in Skirlaugh, where the patients go for much valued time away from the unit. Here they learn basic gardening skills, growing lovely fresh vegetables. I would like to request the rent is paid by HealthStars for the patients. This is £200 and is due 1st May 2019.

Ref: COW Ref 361
Wish Granted

Garden make over for Hawthorn Court Rehab

Please sprinkle magic on Hawthorne Court Rehab with supplies for a patient led garden makeover. Since cessation of smoking our garden needs a boost with new plants and possibly a facelift for the (none) smoking shelter. We would especially like to develop a quiet sensory space for mindfulness.

Ref: COW ref 352

Shed/ Storage for donated tools for New bridges

At Newbridges we are trying to establish various groups and therapeutic activities, including a gardening group. due to the nature of the equipment and infection control requirments we have nowhere to store the equipment and are seeking for a shed to safely store, tools, seeds, seating and such

Ref: COW ref 351

Bird food for Macmillan unit at Bridlington

Please may we have some wild bird food for the Macmillan Wolds Unit gardens? the gardens are over looked by the waiting rooms.

Sunflower hearts – 6kg, Fat Balls, Peanuts – 2kg

Thank you

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Ref: COW Ref 349
Wish Granted

Remembrance Bulbs for Skidby House

My friend & colleague Sue Groves died on the 5th of February last year. We would like to plant bulbs in the beds at the front of Skidby House  on the first anniversary in remembrance of her; Sue loved flowers and the front of the building would look rather more cheerful than it does now.

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Ref: COW Ref 346
Wish Granted

Sensory garden for the Humber Centre

To install a sensory garden with various fixtures and fittings with a variety of plants a large pond for small koi carp and to install a small water feature maybe a fountain or a cascading water fall, patients from all wards can use the area for a relaxation area to visit

Ref: COW Ref 345

Tools for Driffield CMHT Allotment

I would like to request a large tape measure, a spirit level, garden scissors and some fence paint. These items will help in the development of the allotment project that we are running at the Driffield CMHT.

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Ref: COW Ref 340
Wish Granted

100 x Pavers for shed base for the Allotment

Please could you try to purchase around 100 pavers 45x45 cm, this is for our allotment group in order to make the pathways safe and to put our new donated shed on as a base. The is for people with and enduring mental health problems, it provides social contact and an opportunity to learn new skills

Ref: COW Ref 317

Christmas Lights for ERCH

Christmas tree lights for the tree in the main reception at Erch , the ones we had donated have broken and a Christmas tree without lights isn't very welcoming for all the visitors coming in over the Christmas period. the tree we had donated is over 7th tall. Many thanks

Ref: COW Ref 316
Wish Granted

Equipment and Toys for babies at group session for Hornsea Health team

At Hornsea Cottage hospital linked to Beverley ISPHNs team we are looking to build on toys, to help alongside our 3-4 month groups & 1&2 year reviews. Helping to support children's development and enable observations & support. We are looking for foam mats, Rattles and Argos 2 for £30 toys.

Ref: COW Ref 308