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Deck Chairs for Hull Pride and HQ Courtyard

Please could we have some Deck chairs to use at Hull pride and for use at the HQ courtyard to go with our new plants.

Ref: COW Ref 245
Wish Granted

Flowers and Planters for the courtyard at Trust HQ

As part of the NHS at 70 celebrations and staff engagement, it would be brilliant if Health Stars could provide some flowers for the planters at HQ.

Ref: COW Ref 244
Wish Granted

Wheelchair for Northpoint GP practice

I would like to make a wish for a wheelchair for the practice. An incident happened where we needed a wheelchair to transport one of our patients from ground floor to the surgery. I did manage to borrow one but if I hadn't been able to this patient would have been in full view waiting for the ambulance. Thank you Health Stars

Ref: COW REF 241

Outdoor Seating for Market Weighton Surgery

Please can we have another wooden garden bench for the staff to sit on outside as there is not enough seating with just one bench.

Ref: COW Ref 236

A Santa suit and a new Christmas tree with decorations

HombaseMy wish is for the inpatient unit at Whitby to have a new Santa suit, and Christmas tree with decorations for it.  The patients are generally frail and elderly and the staff work tirelessly every day of the year to provide the best care they can for everyone. The Santa suit, tree and decorations would cheer the appearance of the ward during the festive season. Thank you very much

Whitby TreeSanta Suit

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Ref: COW186
Wish Granted

Large Christmas Tree for Granville Court

Christmas TreeI would like to wish for a large Christmas tree for our residents at Granville Court who have profound learning disabilities. To have a tree lit up in the garden with colourful trimmings would be amazing for them to see, feel and smell. Please help us make their xmas special.

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Ref: COW183
Wish Granted

Toys for Whitby Minor Injuries Unit

toys whitby miu toys whitby miu 2

My wish is to improve the toys in the waiting area of the Whitby Minor Injuries department. The current toys have been well loved over the years by children waiting to be treated and they now need replacing with new ones.

Having toys in the waiting area helps reduce the stress of the situation of being injured or ill and it also creates a welcoming environment for children in a hospital setting.

We need toys that are easy to clean to reduce the risk of cross infection – all toys must be made of a material that allows for effective cleaning and decontamination, such as a wooden activity table. This could be cleaned easily and the parts would be well contained as parts cannot be removed.

Ref: COW125
Wish Granted

Garden Tool Shed


The Therapeutic Garden Group at Crystal Villa in Bridlington helps service users with anxiety or low self-esteem begin their recovery through activity in the small group run by Occupational Therapy.  The group wishes for a replacement garden tool shed. Unfortunately the winter weather took its toll on the previous shed which has now been demolished.

Ref: COW112
Wish Granted

Summerhouse and plants (Granville Court)

The residents at Granville Court in Hornsea have profound learning disabilities with complex needs. Improving the therapeutic garden area would really enhance our service. A range of sensory plants and flowers, as well as a summer house structure with extended awning and solar lighting would provide a relaxing area for the enjoyment of our clients.

granville court garden aug 2017 2 granville court garden aug 2017 3 granville court garden aug 2017

Ref: COW109
Wish Granted

Therapy/Meeting Rooms (Townend Court)

We only have a few Therapy/Assessment and meeting rooms at the old building in Townend Court. The few we have are in high demand and used by various services. Sadly this means no one really looks after them and the chairs are mismatched with a number of them broken and uncomfortable, the walls are scratched and the whole thing could really do with some love and attention.

It would be absolutely fantastic if these rooms, where service users, their families and carers come, could be made to be more inviting. Some comfortable chairs alone would make a big difference, a lick of paint would be stunning and a friendly picture on the wall would really be fantastic.

Please help us make these spaces more welcoming, functional and caring.

Ref: COW107