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3 x Alive Corr’s for ECG readings for North Point GP

North point surgery would like 3 "Alive Corr to use with Smart phone apps to be able to take ECGs reading when visiting housebound patients within the community or undertaking an opportunistic reading on patients attending clinics with AF or heart Failure

Ref: COW ref 400

Parasols and Stands for Market Weighton GP Surgery

Last year you donated 2 benches for the staff to use at lunch time.Please could we have 2 parasols and 2 bases to keep the sun off the staff. This improves staff motivation which impacts on the patients.

Ref: COW Ref 397

Tarpaulin for Haven Allotment

This is for the haven allotment group, you kindly donated 3 packs of tarpaulin for our raised beds, I cannot remember the size but if you still have a record can you please order another 6 packs, thank you

Ref: Cow ref 395

Garden maintenance at Malton Hospital

We have a small garden area near Fitzwilliam ward at Malton hospital that is used by patients and visiting families. My wish would be for a gardener to maintain the garden beds every 2/3 months and keep the area free of weeds.

Ref: COW ref 394

Prize for the Health Trainers competition

We are running a smokefree homes poster competition for children in the East Riding to create and design a bright and vibrant poster to encourage local families to not smoke in their homes. The event is at an Active Coast event and it would be great if we could issue a prize to the winner that involves being active (garden play equipment of some variety would be lovely if feasible)

Ref: COW Ref 386

Baby group items for Pocklington ISPHN Team

Hello my wish is for the West Wolds Pocklington ISPHN team for the 3-4 month groups. The wish would benefit the groups to enable babies to have some toys to play with and enable me as the nursery nurse delivering the sessions to have some equipment to give parents a visual too.

Ref: COW ref 384

Prize for Health Trainers Competition

The Bridlington health trainers are teaming up the local library to a healthy eating/sugar swap treasure hunt and event in 3 weeks and we are running a couple of competitions alongside it. I wondered if you had any suitable prizes that you could donate for the event?

Ref: COW ref 383

Equipment for group therapy for the Stroke rehabilitation unit

Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit. This equipment will support the delivery of mindfulness and gardening groups at the stroke unit and create a more relaxed atmosphere. The groups are to enhance cognitive, physical, sensory, communication and emotional skills to support recovery following stroke.

Ref: COW Ref 381

Books for ADHD Parent group for ER CAMHS

Our wish is for some books which would be used within an ADHD Parent group in ER CAMHS,the books would also be used with young people post diagnosis, to support their understand of their diagnosis. The books are called ' All dogs have ADHD' and ' All cats have aspergers' Thank you

Ref: COW ref 382

DJ Workshop for PSYPHER

We have wished for a DJ workshop with DJ Santino. It will be an opportunity for clients to engage with music, build social networks, learn new skills and build confidence. At the end of the workshop they will have the opportunity to progress further to other projects, a career, and qualifications.

Ref: COW ref 378