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Lawn Mower for Allotment group

Please could you provide us with 2 lawn mowers and a strimmer for our allotment group. Homebase do the following: Ozito power X Change 18V cordless strimmer and a 2x 18V cordless lawn mower Kit: SKU: 389079 Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 256

Card Payment System for GP practices

We would like to offer our patients the choice of using a credit card when paying for medical, private letters, HGVs medical assessments when visiting our GP practice. This would respond to a repeated request from patients from within our practices.

Ref: COW Ref 259

Single use banana slide sheets

Bridlington Community Nursing Team would like some single use banana slide sheets for Palliative home based patients please.

Ref: COW REF 243
Wish Granted

“In-check DIAL” Device for Field House Surgery

To aid medication compliance within the diagnosis and management of COPD, practitioners within our GP practices would like access to an "In-Check DIAL" devise. This hand-held inspiratory flow measure, helps to identify which inhaler will be suitable for individual patients to use.

Ref: COW Ref 253
Wish Granted

Toaster for Market Weighton GP Surgery

Please could we have a toaster for the Market Weighton GP Surgery Thanks

Ref: COW Ref 252
Wish Granted

Funding to make a video for clients using the CITOP service (Crisis and Intervention Team for Older People)

The Clinical Psychology department raised some money for Health Stars last year and I wondered whether we would be able to use this money to pay one of our service users to make a film about our other service users that could be used in a number of different ways. The first, for them (the service users) to present to the board about the work that is being done. The second is to help other service users (particularly at the beginning of their journey). The third is to promote the fact that older people suffer with mental health problems and often their voice is ignored. Thanks in advance.

Ref: COW Ref 249

Funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for completing a full year of treatment for Humber DBT

Humber DBT is a small service providing specialist therapy for clients who self-harm and have suicidal behaviours. We need funding for group supplies and graduation gifts for clients who complete the full year of treatment.

Ref: COW Ref 248

Help with funding the prospectus for the Recovery College

Please could you help with funding our Prospectus and finding a venue for the launch event in Sept.

Ref: COW Ref 246
Wish Granted

Deck Chairs for Hull Pride and HQ Courtyard

Please could we have some Deck chairs to use at Hull pride and for use at the HQ courtyard to go with our new plants.

Ref: COW Ref 245
Wish Granted

Flowers and Planters for the courtyard at Trust HQ

As part of the NHS at 70 celebrations and staff engagement, it would be brilliant if Health Stars could provide some flowers for the planters at HQ

Ref: COW Ref 244
Wish Granted