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Video for CAMH’s presentation in Tokyo

I wish to take the voice of our young people sharing their experience of aromatherapy as part of presentation at the IFPA international conference in Tokyo. To do this I would like to create a short video led by young people. the video will be available to use in the CAMHS presentation locally.

Ref: COW Ref 474

Bereavement Cards

To fund printing of bereavement cards to support the new bereavement brochures given to bereaved families by our Community Services in Scarborough, Ryedale, Whitby, Pocklington and GP Practices. This package enhances services by linking with families to ensure they are as well supported as they need

Ref: COW Ref 476

Refreshments for Structured Education for Diabetes Course

I am looking for some help to support our patients who will be taking part in structured education for diabetes. These are full day courses and unfortunately we have no petty cash to provide them with refreshments. I am enquiring as to whether this is something that you can help us with? Thank you

Ref: COW ref 479

Dinning with Dignity

I am looking into funding for a training session for cooks in 24 hour care facilities. Part of the session plans to involve a chef in the private sector who specialises in diet modification for those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). For him to attend the session would be approximately £700.

Ref: COW Ref 465

Replenish Stressless bags for CAMHs

We currently require a resupply of our stress-less bags stocks, I would appreciate it if you could provide the following: 50 x hot chocolate sachets 50 x brown paper bags 50 x small bottles of scented shower gel (lavender if possible), maybe travel size 50 x small bottles scented hand gel

Ref: COW Ref 462

TV for presentation to update Beverley Health Centre

I would like to propose that we have an update of our patient waiting area in Beverley to include a community information point to enhance the patient experience. We feel this would make the area more welcoming and informative.

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Ref: COW ref 461
Wish Granted

Prize for Health Trainers Poem competition

Ref: COW ref 460
Wish Granted

Cinema Pass for Health Trainers Poster competition

Goole Health Trainers Goole Library event promoting HT service, holding poster competition for the children visiting the library inviting them to draw a picture with the theme around a home where no one smokes cigarettes.
Prize; family ticket for The Junction Cinema in Goole

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Ref: COW ref 459
Wish Granted

Fans for ER Pulmonary services

I wish to use East Riding Pulmonary Rehab charity fund to purchase 7 hand held fans to issue to our respiratory patients. Fans are known to help reduce breathlessness in respiratory patients. Sainsbury have some at present. These have a strong flow and can be used in 3 positions.

Ref: COW ref 458
Wish Granted

Back Book for Scarborough and North Ryedale

Scarborough and North Ryedale The back book is an up to date an evidenced guide on self management plans for living with chronic low back pain. Copies of this can be given to patients for specific information.

Ref: COW ref 457