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‘Get up and go’ leaflets for community nursing – Pocklington

Our wish is for 300 'get up and go' booklets provided by the CSP and SAGA and age UK. These booklets provide advice for people at risk of falls on measures they can take themselves to reduce their risk. They are used in conjunction with advice given by staff within the NCS.

Ref: COW Ref 329

Creative equipment for Avondale

Our wish is for the small things that could enhance our service. Please see the fund zone statement request for MH17 for items. For example Mindfullness colouring books, quiz books, dot to dots, Sudoku books, cross word books. Reading books, art and crafts, games, jigsaws, plus more.

Ref: COW Ref 324

Christmas Hamper for ERCH Raffle

We would like to do a Christmas raffle up at Erch for our patients and staff who visit us over Christmas time. We would like a Hamper of goodies and some raffle tickets too. many thanks

Ref: COW Ref 320

Christmas Presents for Volunteer Services

We would like the Humber Social community group to have a small Christmas present at their group. Many of these people do not have family members and would not otherwise receive any presents.

Ref: COW Ref 313

Christmas Party for Volunteer Services

We would like to have a Christmas celebration for our Voluntary Services Mens group who are likely to be spending Christmas alone.

Ref: COW Ref 312

Equipment and Toys for babies at group session for Hornsea Health team

At Hornsea Cottage hospital linked to Beverley ISPHNs team we are looking to build on toys, to help alongside our 3-4 month groups & 1&2 year reviews. Helping to support children's development and enable observations & support. We are looking for foam mats, Rattles and Argos 2 for £30 toys.

Ref: COW Ref 308

Theatre Trip for Friendship Group

The Friendship Group consists of many group members who are socially isolated. Some have little or no family to spend time with at Christmas. We would like to take them for a trip to the theatre in December, to see Oliver at Hull Truck.

Ref: COW 276
Wish Granted

Dart Board for the Humber Centre

Hi, we would love a dartboard for one of the wards. Our dartboard has broken and it really was fab for socialising.

Ref: COW Ref 272
Wish Granted

Electronic Screen in GP waiting area

Humber have recently taken over the Princess Medical Centre on Princess Ave. This area is very diverse with over 20 languages spoken by the patients. We would like an electronic info screen in the reception area and to make this whole area more patient friendly.

Ref: COW REF 267

Hot drinks dispenser Supplies for Bridlington

Hot drinks dispenser supplies for patient day room please. Please can you order tea cartridges. Some of out patients (home oxygen service/St Catherine’s outreach pain clinic) can spend up to 3 hours seeing the clinician. Patients attending for outpatient appointments have no means of obtaining a hot drink during their stay with us (the hospital main reception is not accessible by people with limited mobility/frailty) and it is welcoming (for patient support) if we can offer them a hot drink during their visit.

Ref: COW Ref 262
Wish Granted