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Child/Young Adult mental health

Tablets for Children’s physiotherapy

4 tablets (and cases) childrens physiotherapy team which can be used in clinic with families and young people to highlight appropriate websites when trying to undertake education or discussions around their care. These could be used by the children in clinics to occupy them during long assessments


We are looking for your suggestions to name the new CAMHS unit currently under construction in Hull.  Let us know what you think the new facility should be called.

Further supplies for Stressless bags for CAMHS

Further supplies for the Stressless Bags which you have supplied before and that we give to the children who come into out services. We currently require: Brown paper bags, stress balls, elastic bands and fidget cubes

Ref: COW ref 420

Relocation of service – Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD

Help with relocation costs to provide a better &improved environment in line with infection prevention/improve waiting times/increase in service provision for adults and children within the York/Humber area within Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD.Costings & info are available if required

Ref: COW Ref 415

***SUPER HERO DAY 10TH MAY 2019 ***

Health Stars and the Impact Appeal has been chosen by Viking FM as their charity which this year will be supported by “Super Hero Day” on 10th May. They are hoping to raise £25,000 to help enhance the new CAMHS unit.

By getting involved, getting dressed up and fundraising for Cash for Kids, maybe at school with your mates, at work with your boss or at home with your family you will be helping vulnerable young people in the region stay in the region.  Young people coping with complex mental health conditions will be treated locally by experts who know them and their families and who can offer the best help and support where it is needed most.


Thank you Viking FM!

Leaflets/ Website update for CAMHS ER Eating Disorder Team

Following our meeting with Clare our wish is to develop information leaflets for parents, young people and professionals about the CAMHS Eating Disorder Service. We would also like to develop an Eating Disorder Service area on the existing CAMHS website.

Ref: COW ref 410

East Riding Macmillan Team – merchandise from Winston’s Wish

East Riding Macmillan Team would like some merchandise from Winston's wish please: this includes books, memory boxes etc

Ref: COW ref 406

Insect Repellent for care leavers for a lifetime opportunity to Ecuador

To provide insect repellent to 13 care leavers who are going on a once in a lifetime opportunity to Ecaudor. These young people grew up in care following adverse childhood events, this trip will be life changing for many who still suffer from the events of their childhood.

Ref: COW Ref 390

Prize for the Health Trainers competition

We are running a smokefree homes poster competition for children in the East Riding to create and design a bright and vibrant poster to encourage local families to not smoke in their homes. The event is at an Active Coast event and it would be great if we could issue a prize to the winner that involves being active (garden play equipment of some variety would be lovely if feasible)

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Ref: COW Ref 386
Wish Granted

Prize for Health Trainers Competition

The Bridlington health trainers are teaming up the local library to a healthy eating/sugar swap treasure hunt and event in 3 weeks and we are running a couple of competitions alongside it.

I wondered if you had any suitable prizes that you could donate for the event?


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Ref: COW ref 383
Wish Granted