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Child/Young Adult mental health

Aromatherapy aids for CAMHS – Lava Bracelets, aroma pendants and sticks

Please can I make a wish for some more bits and bobs to enhance my aromatherapy practice :) I really need Lava bracelet,s aroma pendants, some 1ml little bottles. I have been trialling aroma sticks as well and have found these really popular. Thank you so much I appreciate all your help. Debs x

Ref: COW Ref 264
Wish Granted

Healthy Eating Plates for Dietitians

Dietitans support children with obesity. Information provided currently is written and unsuitable for these patients. We are wishing for as many healthy eating plates as possible, they are ideal for encouraging children to eat well.

Ref: COW ref 263

Bench Request for West End

I’d like to request a bench for the garden / outdoor play space at West End. Sometimes it’s not appropriate for parents to sit in on their child’s sessions and we’d prefer to sit outside rather than in the main reception area but there is currently no provision for this.

Ref: COW Ref 257
Wish Granted

Tesco Bags of Help is Back

Health Stars is in the running for a TESCO Bags for Help Grant (more…)

Colouring Pencils for Waiting Room

East Riding Partnership Addiction Services would like to put a request in for some packs of coloured pencils. In our waiting room we have a Patient Engagement Folder, which has puzzles and colouring therapy pages in it. The colouring is very popular with patients but sadly the colouring pencils have gone missing.

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Ref: COW 240
Wish Granted

LEGO for CAMHS waiting Room

My wish if for a box of Lego for our CAMHS waiting area for young people to use whilst waiting for their appointments, we have had numerous requests from young people left on our feedback tree for lego.

Ref: COW Ref 218
Wish Granted

DJ Workshops for PSYPHER Patients

We are looking into setting up workshops teaching service users to DJ, to build upon their confidence and acquire new skills. I have met with Santino Roberts, DJ, offering sessions at £50-00, this group to run for 10 weeks, with possibility of service users performing at Humber street festival

Ref: COW Ref 233

Stress-Less Bags for CAMHS

Supplies for our Stress Less Bags for the CAMHS Crisis Team

Ref: COW Ref 234
Wish Granted

Pop up banners for ISPHN Team Health Promotion

The ISPHN Service would like two large pop up banners with stands to promote our service. They will be used constantly for events like parent craft, school pop in's and parents evenings in schools. Thank you

Ref: COW 229

Resources for Hand Washing and Water Promotion

We would like to apply informative labels to water bottles we have had donated to promoted the importance of drinking water for children and young people. We would also like some glitter-bug gel, for the light box to highlight the importance of good handwashing for school children. We are supporting the NHS 70 event and would like to offer the above which is fundamental to public health. as the session is interactive this will be a great opportunity to engage with service users.

Ref: COW 228