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Child/Young Adult mental health

Stress-Less Bags for Children in Crisis

To enable us to carry on providing stress less bags for our children who are in crisis.

Ref: COW208
Wish Granted

CD Player and assorted relaxation aids for young people with ASD

The request is for a CD player and assorted relaxation discs, Ear defenders, Eye masks, small throwing bean bags, battery operated large mood light, assorted pieces of material (sensory), sensory bag/box/bracelets for young people attending the ASD groups

Ref: COW 195

“My Coping Bags” for CAMHS

Our wish is to be able to supply a “My Coping Bag” to the young people at CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services). We’d like the bags to contain items for the young people which will promote positive coping strategies, including distraction, mindfulness and relaxation. These are all strategies we often recommend, and having the bags available to give to patients would be great! These bags would be particularly aimed at young people who self harm.

Ref: COW 177

Aromatherapy kits for CAMHS

I am requesting aromatherapy relaxation bags which include relaxation CD, pendant for placing aromatherapy blend of oils onto and a 1ml bottle for putting blend into.   Health Stars have previously supported this wish.  The bags have been of great benefit to the young people I treat, and allows them to continue to treat themselves at home and receive the benefit of their blend. please could I wish for some more as I only have one left. I would also like to add lava stone bracelets to my wish, as an alternative to the necklace/pendants for young people who are not permitted to wear pendants for school.

Ref: COW173
Wish Granted

Items for CAMHS Stress-Less Bags

We would like to request a top up of resources for our stress-less bags that we give to young people that present in crisis. We receive great feedback from young people and parents as to the effectiveness of the bags that, alongside staff interventions, provide alternatives to self harming behaviours and stress management.

Ref: COW168
Wish Granted

Stress-Less Bags

My wish is to provide Stress- Less bags to young people who access East Riding Community CAMHS (Children and Young Adult Mental Health Service). The bags will include distraction items, self help leaflets and coping strategies to help a young person at times of increased stress.

Ref: COW161
Wish Granted

Aromatherapy couch for CAMHS

My wish is to be able to replace the couch I use when delivering aromatherapy treatment to children and young people in CAMHS. We have received so much positive feedback from young people receiving their relaxation packages (a wish that has been previously granted by Health Stars), and as a result my caseload keeps growing! The couch I use currently is not ideally suited for the treatments I deliver when people need to lay face down, as there is no hole for their face to lie in. I do hope you may be able to help us help our young people to feel totally comfortable and relaxed during these very important mental health interventions.

Ref: COW124
Wish Granted

Equipment for Cooking Project

We would like to start a rolling cooking programme (six sessions for 8 clients at a time) at PSYPHER, run by our Occupational Therapist. Cooking equipment such as pans, cutlery and baking resources would be needed, plus ingredients for each session.

Ref: COW118
Wish Granted

Replenish Stress-Less Bags (CAMHS)

Our Stress-Less Bags have proven very popular amongst young people in crisis. These are given out to young people in mental health crisis and include distraction items to help in the immediate management of their mental health. We wish to replenish our stock of items to go in the bags in order for us to help more individuals.

Ref: COW110
Wish Granted

Gift Bag for CAMHS

100th wish photo

Our wish is to buy additional products to go in the gift bag to give to young people when presenting in crisis. Examples of content includes stress balls/ tangles, elastic bands, scented products, colouring products, ice packs, hot chocolate sachets. Also included are a safety leaflets, strategies to maintain safety/ manage stress and free resources from the internet (positive self-talk statements/ mindfulness colouring etc.)

The benefits are that young people have something physical from CAMHS to enable them to refer to/ use at times of increased stress.

Ref: COW100
Wish Granted