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Child/Young Adult mental health

Re-Stock Stress-Less Bags

We would like to make a wish to restock our Stress Less bags please. Our young people love them and find them really useful. We would like to restock our - Brown Bags, Hot Chocolate Sachets, Bath Bombs and Hand Cream/Body Gel if possible.

Ref: CoW 511

Room Hire for PICU Staff Wellbeing/Training Day

Please may I wish for £150 for room hire, gym access and tai chi instruction for PICU's staff wellbeing and training day on the 16th October. Following a period of high risk to staff and a series of significant incidents, including assaults, we are prioritising staff wellbeing for our team day.

Ref: CoW 507

Video for CAMH’s presentation in Tokyo

I wish to take the voice of our young people sharing their experience of aromatherapy as part of presentation at the IFPA international conference in Tokyo. To do this I would like to create a short video led by young people. the video will be available to use in the CAMHS presentation locally.

Ref: COW Ref 474

Replenish Stressless bags for CAMHs

We currently require a resupply of our stress-less bags stocks, I would appreciate it if you could provide the following: 50 x hot chocolate sachets 50 x brown paper bags 50 x small bottles of scented shower gel (lavender if possible), maybe travel size 50 x small bottles scented hand gel

Ref: COW Ref 462
Wish Granted

Prize for Health Trainers Poem competition

Ref: COW ref 460
Wish Granted

Cinema Pass for Health Trainers Poster competition

Goole Health Trainers Goole Library event promoting HT service, holding poster competition for the children visiting the library inviting them to draw a picture with the theme around a home where no one smokes cigarettes.
Prize; family ticket for The Junction Cinema in Goole

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Ref: COW ref 459
Wish Granted

Tablets for Children’s physiotherapy

4 tablets (and cases) childrens physiotherapy team which can be used in clinic with families and young people to highlight appropriate websites when trying to undertake education or discussions around their care. These could be used by the children in clinics to occupy them during long assessments

Ref: CoW 452


We are looking for your suggestions to name the new CAMHS unit currently under construction in Hull.  Let us know what you think the new facility should be called.

Further supplies for Stressless bags for CAMHS

Further supplies for the Stressless Bags which you have supplied before and that we give to the children who come into out services. We currently require:

Brown paper bags, stress balls, elastic bands and fidget cubes

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Ref: COW ref 420
Wish Granted

Relocation of service – Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD

Help with relocation costs to provide a better &improved environment in line with infection prevention/improve waiting times/increase in service provision for adults and children within the York/Humber area within Audiology and Phlebotomy at Bridlington OPD.Costings & info are available if required

Ref: COW Ref 415