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Splashy Chair for Children’s OT

Assessment equipment for Children's Occupational Therapy. It will enable prompt and effective assessment using a piece of bathing equipment. This will provide an improved level of service for clients and will improve the efficiency of assessment.

Ref: Cow Ref 284

Impact Appeal

To coincide with World Mental Health Day 2018, the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s (HTFT) official Charity, Health Stars is launching a huge fundraising appeal to provide more than just a little sparkle – and it needs your help.

Health Stars helps patients and families in our communities enjoy an enhanced healthcare experience by funding special things that make a real difference.  Their latest mission and largest project to date will support the brand new £7.8m mental health in-patient unit for young people from across Hull, East Yorkshire and North and North East Lincolnshire.

Ground was broken during the summer on the unit based in Walker Street in Hull and works will be carried out alongside refurbishment of the existing Children’s Centre building and Sunshine House, providing a hub for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across the region.

When it comes to the special things that will make a real difference, a range of enhancements have been identified through focus groups with young people who want an environment which feels more like a home and less like a hospital.  A series of ambitious fundraising targets have been set for the next 12 months in order to provide enhancements to the in-patient unit, the adjoining Children’s Centre and the surrounding outdoor space.

Wishes £250,000

Hopes £400,000

Dreams £600,000

The first target covers the elements the children really wish could be provided.  It’s the furniture that feels more like their bedroom than a ward.  The kitchen that lets them take back control of their eating disorders.

The second covers the elements they almost daren’t hope for.  It’s the development of garden space that makes them feel part of the community.  It’s the minibus that supports trips and excursions.

The third, as yet is still the stuff of dreams.  It’s the things no-one thought was possible until the building was completed.  It’s the little things that make a huge difference through therapy, environment or education.

Paul Warwick, Clinical Lead, CAMHS Inpatient Service said: “I am very excited by the work we are doing with Health Stars on the Impact Appeal.  A big focus was about getting the unit to look and feel right as this will help to improve the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of the young people who use the service.  A clear message from our young people is that they do not want it to look like a hospital, the Impact Appeal will allow us to add all those little sparkles we need to make it feel more homely and make it the fantastic service they want it to be.”

Michele Moran, Chief Executive of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust said: “The Impact Appeal is a wonderful initiative by our charity Health Stars and will make such a difference to the new inpatient unit.  Having the support from Health Stars to fundraise and source some of the innovative and thoughtful finishing touches to the unit will allow our clinical staff to focus on the young people.  Launching the appeal on World Mental Health Day is really important as this year’s theme is young people in a changing environment.  It’s our hopes that the Impact Appeal working alongside the build of the new unit will create a nurturing and forward thinking safe place where young people can recover from mental health issues.”

The team behind the appeal are encouraging people to get involved and to raise funds which will make a real difference to these vulnerable young people.

Clare Woodard, Fundraising Manager said: “It’s wonderful to be able to tell people about this appeal that has been a long time in the planning.  We’re already starting to gather momentum thanks to local businesses, groups and individuals, like a group of local DJs who are putting on an event specifically to support the development of a music studio that features on our service user’s wish list.

We’ll be creating plenty of opportunities for people to get involved in the appeal but we also need people to come up with their own fundraising activities from bake sales, and race nights to ambitious personal challenges – they all add up and help us spread even more sparkle.”

The appeal is already off to a great start thanks to Nisa Retail’s own charity Making a Difference Locally who have committed £40,000, as well as fantastic fundraising efforts from local Company ResQ.

Want to get involved?  Contact us to request your fundraising pack or donate here.


Aromatherapy aids for CAMHS – Lava Bracelets, aroma pendants and sticks

Please can I make a wish for some more bits and bobs to enhance my aromatherapy practice :) I really need Lava bracelet,s aroma pendants, some 1ml little bottles. I have been trialling aroma sticks as well and have found these really popular. Thank you so much I appreciate all your help. Debs x

Ref: COW Ref 264
Wish Granted

Healthy Eating Plates for Dietitians

Dietitans support children with obesity. Information provided currently is written and unsuitable for these patients. We are wishing for as many healthy eating plates as possible, they are ideal for encouraging children to eat well.

Ref: COW ref 263

Bench Request for West End

I’d like to request a bench for the garden / outdoor play space at West End. Sometimes it’s not appropriate for parents to sit in on their child’s sessions and we’d prefer to sit outside rather than in the main reception area but there is currently no provision for this.

Ref: COW Ref 257
Wish Granted

Tesco Bags of Help is Back

Health Stars is in the running for a TESCO Bags for Help Grant (more…)

Colouring Pencils for Waiting Room

East Riding Partnership Addiction Services would like to put a request in for some packs of coloured pencils. In our waiting room we have a Patient Engagement Folder, which has puzzles and colouring therapy pages in it. The colouring is very popular with patients but sadly the colouring pencils have gone missing.

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Ref: COW 240
Wish Granted

LEGO for CAMHS waiting Room

My wish if for a box of Lego for our CAMHS waiting area for young people to use whilst waiting for their appointments, we have had numerous requests from young people left on our feedback tree for lego.

Ref: COW Ref 218
Wish Granted

DJ Workshops for PSYPHER Patients

We are looking into setting up workshops teaching service users to DJ, to build upon their confidence and acquire new skills. I have met with Santino Roberts, DJ, offering sessions at £50-00, this group to run for 10 weeks, with possibility of service users performing at Humber street festival

Ref: COW Ref 233

Stress-Less Bags for CAMHS

Supplies for our Stress Less Bags for the CAMHS Crisis Team

Ref: COW Ref 234
Wish Granted