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Help with turning an area of waste ground into a wildlife garden

Help with some gardening to turn an overgrown area of land at the allotment site into a wildlife garden

Ref: COW 207

Supplies for Anlaby Road Allotments

Our wish is for some supplies, seeds, bulbs, soil and tools for the Anlaby Road allotments coming into spring and summer. Thanks so much.

Ref: COW 206
Wish Granted

Digital Cameras, Papers and Printers for PICU ‘recovery through art’ group

Several of our patients have been requesting for us to establish a photography group. We would like to be able to use digital photography in a therapeutic and mindful manner, within our gardens and out in the community. We would love to be able to get 2-3 digital cameras (14 bedded unit), a printer and some photographic paper to enable us to use photos in our popular 'recovery through art' group, in collages and display boards. Enabling patients in this way will be beneficial for engaging them in art and for getting them out and within the local area.

Ref: COW 200
Wish Granted

A bench and a greenhouse for the therapeutic garden in PICU

My wish is for a bench and a greenhouse for the therapeutic garden in PICU. The garden is used frequently by patients starting to take leave and a bench would allow them to sit and relax. We run therapeutic gardening groups and a greenhouse would allow our patients to engage in meaningful activity

Ref: COW 202

Flexible knee and life size spine and pelvis skeleton to use during triage clinic

We are a relatively new, small team of general nurses working within the Humber Centre to raise awareness, provide health promotion and education and improve our patients overall physical healthcare. Our service provides care for patients within the Humber Centre with long term conditions as well as a primary care triage service. Our patients would hugely benefit from the team being able to use a flexible knee and life size spine and pelvis skeleton during our triage clinics to enable them to visualise problems and therefore understand the advice and exercises we may advise. This would encourage better understanding and self care-giving our patients some control back over their health.

Ref: COW 194
Wish Granted

Lego, Duplo and other resources to be used during speech and language therapy sessions

The speech and Language Therapy team within the adult learning disability service have begun to use Lego therapy with a number of clients with autism. Lego therapy is well researched and aims to develop a range of social communication and other skills such as problem solving. With the clients that are undergoing the therapy the team has noticed positive improvement in non-verbal communication, initiation, turn taking and problem solving. However, the team currently only has a small amount of Lego and specific resources to run the sessions.

In order to continue to develop the therapy with individual clients and to set up a Lego therapy group, we would like more Lego, Duplo and other required resources to help run the therapy sessions.

Ref: COW 193
Wish Granted

New Kitchen for Mill View Lodge

I wonder if you would be able to work your magic and perhaps offer  some assistance on Mill View Lodge. For many years now we have been in desperate need of a new kitchen. The kitchen on the unit is used for patients (they have full access) and also as an ADL (Activities of Daily Living) kitchen where our Occupational Therapist will do some basic assessments with patients prior to them returning home. It really does look very tatty and I wondered if you could help us with this wish.

Ref: COW190

Activity and Relaxation Equipment for Newbridges

Newbridges are looking to increase the level of activity and relaxation of patients to promote mental health and wellbeing.  We aim to set up and run a group and would really appreciate your help with the following equipment:-  Gym mats/folding yoga mats,  boxing gloves and pads,  light weights of up to no more than 6kg, skipping ropes, medicine balls, electric plug in scented misting humidifier. It is hoped that this will reduce incidents on the unit, whilst optimising opportunities to promote activity and relaxation with our patients.

Ref: COW176

Christmas meal for service users with Learning Disabilities

CTLD ChristmasI am organising a Christmas meal on the 13th December at the Goodfellowship pub and hoping to take 20 Community Team Learning Disabilities service users who live on their own and have no family members. This will give our service users something to look forward to as well as an opportunity to socialise and meet up with others. I will make this meal special for them giving gifts.

Ref: COW172
Wish Granted

Art Materials and Journals

A wish to receive art materials and journals for a 10 week therapy group: “Expression Through Creativity” held at Crystal Villa in Bridlington. “Expression Through Creativity” will focus on thoughts and feelings, and how we can express these in creative ways. The group is to be run through the winter months for 10 clients.

Ref: COW165