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Ground rent for allotment for Humber Centre patients

Please could Health Stars pay for the rent on the allotment that is used by the patients from the Humber Centre on a weekly basis? The allotment allows patients time away from the unit in a therapeutic environment and provides some respite for those living here.

Ref: COW ref 289

iTunes Voucher for music at exercise and relaxation group

We would like an iTunes gift voucher to purchase some up to date, meaningful music for our patients to listen to in times of distress as well as music to support our exercise and relaxation groups at Mill View Lodge. Our current CD's are out of date, broken and unusable for patients.

Ref: COW ref 289

Large Calendar Wall Clock

We would like a large calendar wall clock for Mill View Lodge lounge to help our patients be orientated to date, time and year, enable people with limited vision, memory difficulties or cognitive difficulties to see. (Velleman WCF1GB Flipping Calendar Wall Clock, Multi-Colour, 31 x 31 cm from Amazon

Ref: COW ref 288

Theatre Trip for Friendship Group

The Friendship Group consists of many group members who are socially isolated. Some have little or no family to spend time with at Christmas. We would like to take them for a trip to the theatre in December, to see Oliver at Hull Truck.

Ref: COW 276

Equipment for Mindfullness for stress and health course

The wish is for Rossmore stroke rehabilitation unit, Hull. I have recently been accredited as a mindfulness teacher and wish to run mindfulness for stress and health courses. I need equipment to support this. We also wish to run gardening and arts groups to support rehabilitation.

Ref: COW Ref 274

New Pool Table Cloth for Newbridges

We currently have several rips in our pool table cloth and were wondering if it would be possible to have it re covered by Health Stars please; if this is possible we would be especially grateful as patients and staff use the pool table every day as part of our social activities.

Ref: COW REF 268

Fruit for Patient and Staff Conference

The Humber Centre is part of the Yorkshire and Humber regional involvement group. We are putting on a conference for 150 staff and patients on Sept 18th at the Wakefield miners museum. Funds have been raised and no one needs to pay to attend. It would be great if Health Stars could help us by providing fruit and sweets for the delegates attending on the day.

Ref: COW 266

Lawn Mower for Allotment group

Please could you provide us with 2 lawn mowers and a strimmer for our allotment group. Homebase do the following: Ozito power X Change 18V cordless strimmer and a 2x 18V cordless lawn mower Kit: SKU: 389079 Thank you

Ref: COW Ref 256
Wish Granted

A Supa-squashy sofa, set of 4 buzzers and a virtual petting zoo for Patients at Granville Courts

I would like to make a wish for a supa squashy sofa, set of 4 buzzers and a virtual petting zoo for the patients at Granville Court.

Ref: COW REF 251

Mens Group trip to Bondville Model Village and afternoon tea

Voluntary Services would like to take our men's group out for the day to Bondville Model Village and afternoon tea.

Ref: COW REF 239
Wish Granted