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Legally, all Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Charitable funds must be used for charitable purposes in relation to the National Health Service. This section gives guidance on what constitutes legitimate charitable expenditure.
Charitable funds can potentially be used for a wide range of costs, including environmental improvements, pastoral and complementary services, and medical equipment.
All proposals for charitable expenditure should be considered against the following three tests:
The patient benefit test
All charitable expenditure should ultimately be for patient benefit. Such benefit may take the form of improved clinical services and outcomes, or enhanced patient experience. Where the immediate benefit of expenditure is for staff welfare or development, there should be a clear link to improved services for patients – for example through enhancing relevant staff skills, or encouraging staff innovation.
The additionality test
Charitable expenditure should enhance, rather than simply maintain, NHS services. Charitable funds should not be used to provide equipment or other items without which a department could not continue to function. It is appropriate for charitable funds to support innovation in equipment or services, which may later become a mainstream cost. It is also appropriate for charitable funds to be used for complementary services – e.g. therapeutic massage, art projects – which enhance the patient experience, but are not part of the core clinical services.
The public perception test
When considering its use of funds, a person should ask him or herself: Would someone who puts a pound in a collecting bucket be happy for it to be spent in this way? Would you be proud to tell a donor about this expenditure, and the difference it is making, or would you find yourself defending a purchase which you know should really come from your core budget?*
The Health Stars team will consider whether the wish is charitable or not. They will take into consideration the three tests above and make a decision. If the team are unsure they make seek advice from the Charitable Funds Committee or ask questions of senior NHS staff.
If a wish is deemed to be not charitable the wish will then be rejected by Health Stars. If the wish maker is not happy with their decision they can appeal the decision and the wish will be taken to the Trustees for the final decision.
If a wish is deemed charitable then Health Stars will work hard to obtain the best price available for the requirements of the wish maker.
The following additional rules apply for approving wishes.
Wishes for Core Equipment or Supplies
Wishes for any core equipment or supplies which can be found on the NHS Supply list, will not be funded by Health Stars.
Wishes for Training and Education  
Health Stars does not fund any mandatory training or training deemed essential to carry out a role.
Wishes with on-going maintenance or consumable costs
Health Stars does not cover any on-going consumable or maintenance costs. Any recurring costs must be covered by the department or group budget. This must be agreed and confirmed before any wish is granted.
Wishes for individuals
Health Stars does not support requests for individuals there should always be a wider benefit to any request granted.
Travel and Transport
Health Stars does not support travel costs, for patients or for staff